Assynt, situated on the west coast of Scotland is home to stunning scenery and wildlife

Welcome to Assynt Field Club

Our website is your route to discovering and enjoying the amazing wildlife and wild spaces which can be found throughout the parish of Assynt. Located on the west coast of Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland Assynt contains some of the most breath-taking scenery you will encounter from deep sea lochs to pristine beaches and magnificent mountains.

The variety of species which can be spotted in this unique area, whether birds, bugs, dolphins, fungi, plants or whales cannot fail to inspire both the casual and more experienced observer; if you are travelling the North Coast 500 for example, over 45 miles of which are in Assynt, stop with us a while, take time to appreciate the wider landscape and you never know what you might discover if you let our nature in.

We record and document a large number of wildlife sightings every year and each and every one helps enhance the knowledge and understanding of the nature of Assynt. You too can play a part in this by simply sending us your sightings either via the reporting form on this page or by email.

Whether you just want to browse our site, plan a visit or make use of the increasing amount of raw data which will be added over the coming months you are sure to find something of interest and we hope that you will visit us again to discover more about Assynt’s wildlife.

Upcoming Events

Exploring West Sutherland’s Extraordinary Bryophyte Flora

Thursday October 19th 2017

Wildlife Crime

Thursday November 16th 2017

Scottish Wildcat Action: The Complicated Conservation of a Critically Endangered Cat

Thursday December 14th 2017

Quiz and A.G.M. (followed by wine and cheese)

Thursday January 18th 2018

Svalbard Summer Wildlife

Thursday February 15th 2018

What's New?

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October 15th 2017

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October 12th 2017

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October 6th 2017

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October 1st 2017

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September 24th 2017

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Recent Sightings

Grey Heron

single bird flying near Little Assynt all abilities path car park (Laura Traynor) (18/10)


c65 birds near Ardvar road and c40 near waterfall on Allt na Ghamhna (DAH) (18/10)

Long-tailed Duck

single bird off Bay of Culkein (DAH) (18/10)


c25 near Cathair Dhubh (DAH) (17/10)


three birds over Rientraid (DAH) (17/10)


single bird Culkein Stoer (Ian Forbes) (16/10)


200+ at Culkein Stoer (Ian Forbes) (16/10)



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