Sightings for December 2010

December 21st 2010

Otter tracks in snow at Stoer 2nd December (Tony Williams)

Dead Woodcock at Clachtoll 10th November (Andy Summers)

8 Lapwings at Culkein Stoer 12th December (Andy Summers)

7 Redshank at Culkein Stoer 12th December (Andy Summers)

4 Tufted Duck on Loch na Clais 14th December (Andy Summers)

6 Goldeneye on Loch na Clais 14th December (Andy Summers)

60 Rock Pigeons at Brackloch 14th December (Doug Mainland)

1 Male Goosander at Backloch 14th December (Doug Mainland)

6 Woodcock at Loch an Aigel, Clachtoll 20th December (Andy Summers)

13 Hooded Crows at Clachtoll 20th December (Andy Summers)

1 Skylark at Clachtoll 21st December (Ann Cook)

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Recent Sightings

Grasshopper Warbler

single 'reeling' bird, Little Assynt Tree Nursery (Val Badger) (24/04)


single singing male at beginning of path to Kirkaig Falls, Inverkirkaig (Gwen Richards) (24/04)

Speckled Wood butterfly

two butterflies on Torbreck croft (Gwen Richards) (24/04)


single animal climbing up house drainpipe, Clachtoll (Susie Bower-Browng)  (24/04)


two birds seen and heard Drumbeg peat road (DAH) (23/04)


single bird singing Cnoc Glas, Drumbeg (DAH) (23/04)

Black-spotted longhorn beetle (Rhagium mordax)

single in Achmelvich garden (Richard Evans) (22/04)

Palmate Newt

two in Loch Leathad a'Phris Droighinn, Clachtoll (Ian Evans and Gwen Richards). One of these was a male in breeding condition. (22/04)