Sightings for December 2010

December 21st 2010

Otter tracks in snow at Stoer 2nd December (Tony Williams)

Dead Woodcock at Clachtoll 10th November (Andy Summers)

8 Lapwings at Culkein Stoer 12th December (Andy Summers)

7 Redshank at Culkein Stoer 12th December (Andy Summers)

4 Tufted Duck on Loch na Clais 14th December (Andy Summers)

6 Goldeneye on Loch na Clais 14th December (Andy Summers)

60 Rock Pigeons at Brackloch 14th December (Doug Mainland)

1 Male Goosander at Backloch 14th December (Doug Mainland)

6 Woodcock at Loch an Aigel, Clachtoll 20th December (Andy Summers)

13 Hooded Crows at Clachtoll 20th December (Andy Summers)

1 Skylark at Clachtoll 21st December (Ann Cook)

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Recent Sightings

Frog Spawn

around 12 clumps in roadside ditch near Pollachapuill, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). The first record for the last four years: 2018 - 13 March; 2017 - 19 Feb; 2016 - 3 March; 2015 - 19 Feb. (16/02)


single female Oldany estuary (DAH) (16/02)

Grey Heron

seven birds Oldany estuary (DAH) (16/02)


nine birds Oldany estuary (DAH) (16/02)


single animal Loch Culag (Fiona Carter) (15/02)

Song Thrush

single bird in full song at 7.30am, Nedd (Ian Evans) (13/02)

Great Spotted Woodpecker

single bird in Lochinver garden (Jane and Ian Young) (11/02)


three birds on River Inver opposite Little Assynt Tree Nursery (DAH) (11/02)