Sightings for July 2011

July 3rd 2011

Ring Ouzel with fledged young on south slope of Canisp 1st July (Andy Summers).

3 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and one Dark Green Fritilliary at Ardroe 1st July (Gwen Richards).

20 Greylag Geese (6 adults 14 juveniles) Loch Dhrombaig 3rd July (David & Avril Haines).

c55 Common Terns on off shore islands Culkein drumbeg 3rd July (David & Avril Haines).

2 Great Northern Divers Culkein bay and one off Rubh’an Dunain 4th July (David & Avril Haines).

Otter in Loch Dhrombaig 3rd and 4th July (David & Avril Haines).

Basking Shark at Culkein Stoer 4th July (David & Avril Haines).

Adder on the path Glen Leireag 5th July (reported).

Possible Wildcat reported near Lochinver 6th July.

4 Lapwings (2 adult 2 young) Balchladdich 8th July (David & Avril Haines).

3 Sand Martin holes in sandy cliff at Raffin 8th July (David & Avril Haines).

First Grayling Butterfly seen behind Lochinver Leisure Centre 9th July. 

30 Long-tailed Tits Culkein Drumbeg 10th July (David & Avril Haines).

Bullfinch (m) Culkein Drumbeg 11th July (DH) and Culag woods 12th July (AS).

Many Dark-green Fritillary Butterflies between Balcladdich and Stoer lighthouse and between Nedd bridge and Glenleraig 12th July (David & Avril Haines).

150+ Common Dolphins seen from Handa Island 13th July (reported).

Red-breasted Merganser with nine young on River Inver 15th July (Andy Summers).

Common Blue and Meadow Brown Butterflies at Achmelvich 17th July (Gwen Richards).

Sea Gooseberries in rockpolls at Clachtoll 20th July (Roz Summers).

Pine Marten at Achmelvich beach camp site 20th July (Reported).

2 Red Admiral and 2 Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies in Lochinver 21st July (Andy Summers).

Badger dead beside road at the Stron on road to Clachtoll 24th July (Gwen Richards).

Pine Marten at Little Assynt near Torr Mor 25th July (Reported).

5 Small Tortoiseshell and 3 Dark Green Fritillary Butterflies behind the Tourist Information in Lochinver 25th July (Andy Summers).

Adult and young Harbour Porpoise in Stoer bay 27th July (Andy Summers).

25 Starlings at Clachtoll as well as 60 Common Gulls 22nd July (Andy Summers).

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Recent Sightings

Harbour Porpoise

single animal off Bay of Stoer and two off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH) (25/08)


single adult and two juvenile birds, Bay of Stoer (DAH) (25/08)

Red-throated Diver

six adult birds Bay of Stoer (DAH) (25/08)


10 birds Bay of Culkein (Paul Burnett) (23/08)


15 birds Culkein Stoer (Paul Burnett) (23/08)


10 juvenile birds on rocks Clashnessie Bay (DAH) (23/08)

Harbour Porpoise

three off Split Rock, Clachtoll (Paul Burnett) (20/08)

Common Dolphin

15+ north-west of Split Rock, Clachtoll (Paul Burnett) (20/08)