Sightings in June 2012

May 29th 2012


Moorhen – 1 Loch an Aigeil, 28th June

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 near Achmelvich Bridge, 28th June

Little Grebe – 1 Lochan Sgeireach nr. Stoer, 28th June

Black-throated Diver – 1 Loch Drumbeg, 25th June

Golden Plover – 4 near Calda House, 24th June (VB)

Dipper – 1 near Calda House, 24th June

Eider – adult female and 5 juveniles, Bay of Culkein, 23rd June

Sanderling – 1 Bay of Culkein, 23rd June

Arctic Skua – 2 dark morph birds over Raffin, 23rd June

Stonechat – adult female and 1 juvenile near Strathcroy, 23rd June

Yellowhammer – singing male near Brackloch, 22nd JUne

Tufted Duck – 1 (male) Loch an Aigeil, 22nd June

Dunlin – 4 Balchladich Bay, 21st June

Sandwich Tern – 1 adult Balchladich Bay, 21st June

Sand Martin – 1 over Loch an Aigeil, Stoer, 21st June

Great Northern Diver – 2 off Bay of Stoer, 21st June. One bird was in full summer plumage.

Red-throated Diver – 4 bay of Clachtoll; 4 Bay of Stoer; 2 Clashnessie Bay, 21st June

Lapwing – 10 Clachtoll, 21st June

Swift – 22 flying south over Clachtoll then 5 minutes later a further 6 flew over, 21st June This is an uncommon record for Assynt and an unusually large number.

Common Scoter – 1 (female) Bay of Clachtoll, 21st June

Osprey – 2 Loch Roe, Achmelvich, 19th June

Stonechat – 1 adult female and 1 juvenile near Oldany farm, 19th June

Whinchat – 1 adult male near Oldany farm, 19th June

Red-breasted Merganser – 1 adult female and 2 chicks, Oldany Estuary, 19th June

Red-throated Diver – Loch Dhrombaig, 19th June

Lapwing – 9 Loch na Claise, 18th June

Puffin – 3 off Rubh’an Dunain, 18th June

Linnet – 2 adults and 1 juvenile Culkein Stoer, 18th June

Eider – 2 adult females with 8 ducklings Bay of Culkein, 18th June

Red-throated Diver – 2 Bay of Culkein, 18th June

Ringed Plover – Pair with two chicks Bay of Culkein, 18th June

Sanderling – 3 Bay of Culkein, 18th June

Dunlin – 3 Bay of Culkein, 18th June

Mistle Thrush – 2 adults and 2 juveniles near Ledbeg, 17th June (BB)

Cuckoo – 1 bird calling Culkein Drumbeg, 03.40 8th June!!

‘Comic Terns’ – c35 with approximately 30 of these being Arctic Terns on off-shore islands Culkein Drumbeg, 17th June. A number were bringing in food for courtship feeding and several ‘dreads’ occurred.

Barn Owl – with 3 small chicks (this is the first proof of breeding in Assynt) in a small rock crevice near Lochinver, 13th June (AS).

Osprey – 2 adults feeding on Loch Roe near Achmelvich for last few days, 13th June. Has anyone seen sign of a nest?

Dipper – feeding young on River Inver at Brackloch, 13th June.

Goldfinch – Juvenile on feeder Baddidarach, 14th June (MS)

Peregrine – near Loch Drumbeg, 12th June.

Eider Ducks – pair with 7 chicks and another female with four chicks in the sea at Clachtoll, 9th June.

Greenshank – Pair displaying near path to suileag bothy, 6th June

Wigeon – Pair near path to suileag bothy, 6th June

Ring Ouzel – carrying food to nest – Bone caves path, 5th June

Whimbrel – 2 Clachtoll, 3rd June

Greylag Goose – 2 pairs each with four goslings – Loch an Aigel Stoer, 3rd June

Golden Plover – 1 Balchladich, 2nd June

Whimbrel – 2 Clachtoll, 2nd June

Sand Martin – 3 Clachtoll, 2nd June

Black-throated Diver – 1 Clachtoll Bay, 2nd June

Red-throated Diver – 2 Clachtoll Bay, 2nd June

Lapwing – 5 Clachtoll, 2nd June

Carrion Crow – 1 near Culkein Stoer, 1st June Likely to be the bird first seen on 20th May as Carrion Crow is not a common record in north-west Scotland far less Assynt.

Red-throated Diver – 1 Bay of Culkein, 1st June

Great Skua – 1 Bay of Culkein, 1st June This bird was harrasing an adult Gannet which gave up its food.

Ringed Plover – 10 Bay of Culkein, 1st June

Dunlin – 17 Bay of Culkein, 1st June

Sanderling – 16 Bay of Culkein, 1st June These birds had plumages ranging from ‘winter’ to spring and were great to compare the differences.



Ragged Robin – 1 white flowered plant growing near Oldany Estuary, 27th June. Photo on Gallery-Flowering Plants.

Red Admiral butterfly – 1 Culkein Drumbeg, 26th June

Cuckoo Ray Raja naevus – 1 ‘nearly dead’ on beach Achmelvich, 25th June (FL). A rare record, photo on ‘Gallery-Marine’ and more information under ‘News’.

Red-tailed Bumbelbee – 1, a Queen, on Geranium sp. flowers Clachtoll, 23rd-26th June (AS). This is only the second ever record for this species in West Sutherland, photo on Gallery-Insects.

Grey Seal – 2 off Raffin, 23rd June

Six-spot Burnet moth – 2 near Raffin, 23rd June

Killer Whale 7 off Culkein Stoer, 7pm 20th June

Basking Shark, 1 off Stoer Lighthouse, 20th June

Pine Marten – adult with 3 young Culag woods, 18th June.

Killer Whale – 5 off Stoer Lighthouse, 18th June

Basking Shark – 2 off Stoer Lighthouse, 18th June

Chimney Sweeper moth – 1 Culkein Drumbeg, 20th June

Pipistrelle Bat – 84 leaving maternity roost near Lochinver, 19th June Photo on Gallery-mammals

Harbour Porpoise – 2 off Stoer Head Lighthouse, 18th June

Minke Whale – 1 seen several times off Stoer Head Lighthouse, 18th June

Harbour Porpoise – 3 between Rubh’an Dunain and Eilean Chrona, 18th June

Fragrant Orchid – 3 spikes in flower Culkein Drumbeg, 17th June

Common Blue Butterfly – Culkein Drumbeg, 17th June

Common Seal – c45 Oldany Estuary to Culkein Drumbeg harbour area, 17th June

Minke Whale – 2 seen from Stoer Head Lighthouse 14th June (LS).

Basking Shark – along coast line from lighthouse to Old Man of Stoer, 14th June.

Red Deer – with new calf only a few days old Brackloch, 13th June

Common Blue Butterfly – First 2012 record Calda House near Inchnadamph, 13th June.

Black Mountain Moth – On Beinn an Fhurain, 12th June (G. Chambers). This is a very rare moth for Assynt with only one other recent record from 29th June 1998 a couple kilometres further south than this one; this seems to be the furthest north record of this species. See photo on Gallery-Invertebrates-Insects.

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary -Culkein Drumbeg peat road, 12th June.

Argent and Sable Moth – Drumbeg peat road, 12th June.

Lesser Butterfly Orchid – Roadside verge near Drumbeg 12th June.

Twayblade Orchid – Clachtoll, 9th June

Dwarf Cornel – Suilven, 7th June

Basking Shark – Stoer Point, 7th June

Dolphins (Common?) 30+ at Stoer Head Lighthouse 6th June (LS).

Harbour Porpoise at Stoer Head Lighthouse 6th June (LS).

Pine Marten – Achmelvich road, 6th June

Adder – large female on all-abilities path Little Assynt, 2pm 6th June

Otter – single in Lochinver bay, 5th June

Small Heath Butterfly – Bone caves path, 5th June

Killer Whale – 5 near Handa Island chasing seals, 2nd June

Otter – Family of four Strathan near Lochinver, 2nd June

Common Dolphin – c15 off Stoer Head Lighthouse, 1st June

Minke Whale – 1 off Stoer Head Lighthouse, 1st June (LS)

Basking Shark – 1 off Stoer Head Lighthouse, 1st June (LS)

Narrow-leaved Helleborines – flowering on road to Achmelvich, 1st June

Gold-ringed Dragonfly – Glencanisp, 1st June

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Recent Sightings

Great Northern Diver

single bird in almost complete breeding plumage, Clashnessie Bay (DAH) (15/10)

Great Skua

single bird over Clashnessie Bay (DAH) (15/10)

Long-tailed Tit

noisy, active flock of c12 birds, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) (14/10)

Common Dolphin

two small, very active pods (12 and 6) off Clachtoll (DAH) (13/10)

Great White Egret

single bird feeding along north-east side of Loch Borralan (Les and Liz Pearce). This is the first known record of this Grey Heron sized bird in Assynt. It also follows on from Les and Liz adding Little Egret to the Assynt bird list last September! (Photo Gallery - Birds) (12/10)


c60 birds, Clashnessie (DAH) (12/10)

Mistle Thrush

three birds, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) (12/10)


four birds, Loch na Claise (DAH) (12/10)