About Assynt Field Club including Privacy Policy

Assynt Field Club was founded in 1986 and has over 110 members.

Membership is free and open to all, residents or visitors with funds raised by donations at meetings and from the sale of publications.  Members are contacted in the spring and autumn, by e-mail or post, with a programme of events and a summary of recent wildlife observations.

The Club is an unincorporated association, whose aims are to encourage the study and enjoyment of Assynt’s wildlife, landscape and geology.  It organises talks and other events in the winter and field trips in the summer.  Members participate in a variety of surveys, many of which have resulted in reports or publications (see below).

Committee and contact

The Committee of the Club consists of three Officers elected annually,  Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and six other members.  Currently, these are:

Chairman: Andy Summers 01571 844654

Secretary: Gwen Richards 01571 844032

Treasurer: Bill Badger 01854 666349

Committee Members: Claire Belshaw, Clarinda Chant, Ian Evans, David Haines, 2 vacancies

Membership of the Field Club is administered by our Membership Co-ordinator Clarinda Chant. If you would like to become a member of Assynt Field Club, for which there is no cost, please contact Clarinda at assyntwildlife@gmail.com or telephone 01571 844137 to be added to our electronic mailing list.

Wildlife records are co-ordinated by Ian Evans at assyntwildlife@gmail.com Tel 01571 833241


Surveys undertaken and reports and publications produced by the Club include:

Amphibian Survey (1993)

Assynt Nature Calendar (1995, 1996)

Garden Bird Survey (1997-present) More information here Assynt Field Club Garden Bird Survey

Birds of Assynt (1998; 3rd edition 2004, price £2.80)

Assynt Cetacean Survey (1998, 1999)

Assynt Muirburn Survey (2008)

Assynt Seashore Project (2015-16)

British Trust for Ornithology’s Non-Estuarine Waterbird Survey (2015-16) More information here Non-Estuarine Waterbird Survey 2015/16

The Club is affiliated to the Highland Biological Recording Group, and is represented on the Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Group. It collects wildlife records for the parish and members have contributed to a number of special projects.  These include the Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan (2003), the Sutherland Marine Audit: Pilot Study (2009) and a survey of freshwater habitats on the Little Assynt Estate.

Privacy Policy under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018

Who are we?

Assynt Field Club (AFC) is an unincorporated association founded in 1986, whose aims are to encourage the study and enjoyment of Assynt’s wildlife, landscape and geology. Membership is free and open to all. All of our members have asked to be added to our mailing list.

Who’s in control?

We, Assynt Field Club, are the “controller” of all personal data collected and used for the purposes set out below. This means that we are responsible for deciding how and why your data is used and for ensuring that your data is handled safely.

What personal data do we collect, where from and how long do we retain the data?

When you ask to become a member of AFC we will request that you provide your name and email address. If you do not have an email address at that time we will ask for your preferred correspondence address instead. We will retain this data for as long as you remain a member of Assynt Field Club or you tell us you no longer wish to receive any correspondence from us which will also bring your membership to an end.

If you submit a wildlife sighting to us through the reporting form on our website (www.assyntwildlife.org.uk) you are required to supply your email address at that time. Once the sighting has been processed the only data retained will be the details of the sighting and your name. All other information submitted will be deleted.

If you indicated that you have photographs of the sighting we may use your email address to contact you about the photographs. Once we have obtained any photographs, and your permission to use them, we will delete your details as above.

If you submit a wildlife sighting to us via our email address, assyntwildlife@gmail.com, we will delete this email after processing the sighting.  We do not collect personal data by any other means.

What do we use your data for?

When you become a member of AFC we will use your personal data to keep you informed about AFC activities, e.g. our Summer and Winter programmes and other AFC matters which we consider may be of interest to you.

If you have opted to receive information from AFC which we have received from similar groups or organisations we will use your personal data simply to forward this information to you. This option only applies if you have an email address and have requested such information be forwarded.

You can opt out of receiving our emails at any time by either following the instructions to unsubscribe in any of our email communications or by emailing us direct at assyntwildlife@gmail.com and simply put ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject line. You do not have to give any reason for wishing to opt out or unsubscribe.

Who do we share your data with?

We will never share your personal data with any third party without your express consent. Such consent will be sought every time the need arises.   We will never sell your personal data to any third party.

What is our legal basis for using your data?

Data protection law says that we have to tell you the legal basis that we rely on to process your personal data and in our case, that is Consent: i.e. you have given clear consent for AFC to process your personal data for a specific purpose.

How can you contact us? 

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy and/or our processing of your personal data, you can get in touch with us by email at assyntwildlife@gmail.com.                                                                                                      Assynt Field Club 25th May 2018

Report a Sighting

Recent Sightings


c100 adult and 1st-winter birds feeding off Clachtoll (DAH) (24/09)

Tufted Duck

two male birds on Loch Drumbeg (DAH) (22/09)


single bird near Stoer Village Hall (DAH) (21/09)

UPDATE on colour-ringed Oystercatcher

we have heard back from the Icelandic Wader Group regarding the colour-ringed Oystercatcher spotted at Bay of Culkein on Tuesday. It was ringed, as an adult, near its nest while it was territory-guarding on 19th May this year; the location was Eskifjorour which is on the east coast of Iceland. We will post a short article on the Field Club's website in the next few days regarding other sightings of colour-ringed birds recorded in Assynt (DAH) (20/09)

Pink-footed Goose

c225, in four skeins, heading east over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). Oh boy, it's autumn! (20/09)


single male in eclipse plumage Loch Inver (DAH) (20/09)

Manx Shearwater

young bird rescued from a garden at Inchnadamph (Chris Rix/Andy Summers). The bird, which was well off-course, was successfully released at Stoer the next day. (18/09)


four birds resting on rocks Bay of Culkein (DAH). One of these birds, an adult, had a combination of coloured rings on its legs. The details have been submitted to the appropriate ringing scheme, which appears to be the International Wader Study Group, and we will report back once we hear from them. (18/09)