16th January 2018

  • Bullfinch: three birds Achmelvich (Romany Garnett)
  • Glaucous Gull: single first winter bird Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Common Scoter: two females off Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Great Northern Diver: single bird off Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Turnstone: eight birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Redwing: c20 birds Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Barnacle Goose: four birds Culkein Stoer (DAH)

15th January 2018

  • Golden Eagle: single bird being mobbed by gulls over Ardvar garden (Beccy Garvey)

14th January 2018

  • Long-tailed Tit: seven on garden feeder Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

12th January 2018

  • White-tailed Eagle: single bird in the area of Skiag Bridge (Gordon and Lesley Sleight)
  • Harbour Porpoise: single adult feeding off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Little Grebe: single bird Loch Inver near Culag River culvert (DAH)
  • Fieldfare: c10 birds around the Stoer cemeteries (DAH)
  • Goosander: single female on Loch na Bruththaich (DAH)

11th January 2018

  • Grey wagtail: single bird on Croft 83 Torbreck (Gwen Richards)
  • Harbour Porpoise: two adults off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Risso’s Dolphin: three adults off Stoerhead Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Black-headed Gull: single first summer bird Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Teal: 11 (4 male 7 female) Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Tufted Duck: three males Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Dipper: single on burn (Roz Summers)
  • Treecreeper: Single feeding in woods (AS)

10th January 2018

  • Barnacle Goose: single bird feeding with 16 Greylag Geese, Oldany Farm (DAH)
  • Little Grebe: two birds on Lochan Sgeireach (DAH)
  • Curlew: 16 birds on Stoer green (DAH)
  • Herring Gull: 350+ roosting on island in Loch Dhrombaig (DAH)

9th January 2018

  • Long-tailed Tit: five feeding on food placed on the ground in Baddidarrach garden (Ken Fairchild)

8th January 2018

  • Goldfinch: five birds on garden feeders, Lochinver (DAH)
  • Red Grouse: 3 off the path East side Quinag (AS)

7th January 2018

  • Yellowhammer: six birds feeding in Lochinver garden (Ann Macleod)
  • Dipper: two birds singing on Loch Assynt side near Ardvreck Castle (DAH)
  • Bullfinch: pair flying around trees near Little Assynt, All-Abilities Path car park (DAH)
  • Long-tailed Tit: two birds feeding along All-Abilities Path, Little Assynt (DAH)
  • Little Grebe: two birds on River Inver near the 'Battlefield' NC1425 (DAH)
  • Cormorant: single bird in breeding plumage Loch Assynt (DAH). Photo on Birds Gallery.
  • Raven: nine birds near car park for Quinag on A894 (DAH)

6th January 2018

  • Dipper: single bird on River Traligill, Inchnadamph (Gwen Richards and Ian Evans)
  • Great Tit: single bird singing 'teacher-teacher' Inchnadamph (Ian Evans and Gwen Richards)
  • Fieldfare: single bird in garden Aspens, Nedd (Ian Evans)

5th January 2018

  • Harbour Porpoise: one adult with a juvenile off Clachtoll (Paul and Liz Burnett)
  • White-tailed Eagle: single bird over Clachtoll (Paul and Liz Burnett)
  • Redwing: 28 feeding on grazing land Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Sparrowhawk: single bird hunting Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Kestrel: single bird Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Buzzard: two harrying a pair of Ravens over Culkein Stoer (DAH)

4th January 2018

  • White-tailed Eagle: single bird over Stoer (David Tyson)

3rd January 2018

  • Otter: single animal crossing road between Badnaban and Strathan (Dave Bird)
  • Harbour Porpoise: two adults off Bay of Stoer (DAH)
  • Curlew: 13 flying over Bay of Stoer (DAH)
  • Red-throated Diver: single bird Bay of Stoer (DAH)
  • Great Northern Diver: two rafts, one of 13 and the other of 12 birds, off Bay of Stoer (DAH)
  • Rock Dove: 38 at Clachtoll (AS)
  • Twite: 48 on croft at Clachtoll (AS)

1st January 2018

  • Barnacle Goose: 30+ Eilean Chrona (DAH)
  • Kestrel: single female Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Song Thrush: 15 birds on overhead electricity wires Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Gannet: seven+ adults feeding off Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Fulmar: four birds flying around nesting cliffs Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)
  • Black Guillemot: three birds, two in winter plumage and one with well advanced breeding plumage, Loch Dhrombaig (DAH)
  • Red-breasted Merganser: four birds (3 male, 1 female) Badnaban Bay (Dave Bird)

31st January 2017

  • Buzzard: single calling near Rhicarn
  • Greenfinch: a pair near Rhicarn.
  • Treecreeper: single near Rhicarn
  • Dunnock: 2 near Rhicarn
  • Chaffinch: 9 mixed sex flock near Rhicarn
  • Long-tailed Tit: 5 on garden feeder, Baddidarach
  • Woodcock: single bird feeding for over 1 hour in garden, Clachtoll

30th January 2017

  • Hybrid wild/domestic cat: animal photographed near Achmelvich. Dr Keri Langridge, Scottish Wildcat Action Project Officer at SNH has confirmed that the cat, while not a pure wild cat, is very much a hybrid based on a system called ‘pelage-scoring’. Photo at Gallery-Land Mammals.

29th January 2017

  • Redshank: 7 Bay of Culkein
  • Turnstone: 16 Bay of Culkein
  • Knot: single bird still showing well Bay of Culkein
  • Eider: mixed sex raft on sea off Raffin

28th January 2017

  • Primrose: single plant in flower near Maiden Loch, Clachtoll. A very early record for Assynt.
  • Greenfinch: 3 males Culkein Drumbeg
  • Whooper Swan: two adults on Loch an Leathad Rainich, Clachtoll

27th January 2017

  • Goldeneye: pair on Loch Awe
  • Jackdaw: 48 Elphin

26th January 2017

  • Woodcock: single bird disturbed, Gleann Leireag
  • Merlin: single male chasing c30 Siskin Gleann Leireag
  • Grey Wagtail: single winter plumage female, Gleann Leireag

25th January 2017

  • Goldeneye: 2 (1 male 1 female) Maiden Loch, Clachtoll
  • Little Grebe: single bird Maiden Loch, Clachtoll
  • Chaffinch: 20 Culkein Drumbeg

24th January 2017

  • Common Seal: 3 at Clashnessie
  • Sparrowhawk: single at Clachtoll
  • Mallard: 2 pairs Loch an Aigeil, Clachtoll
  • Chaffinch: 20 at Inchnadamph car park

23rd January 2017

  • Knot: single bird Bay of Culkein
  • Turnstone: 11 Bay of Culkein
  • Sanderling: single bird Bay of Culkein
  • Curlew: 18 Bay of Stoer

22nd January 2017

  • Common Shrew: single animal found dead on Little Assynt viewpoint path
  • Great Northern Diver: single bird Badnaban bay

21st January 2017

  • Goldeneye: pair Loch an Aigeil
  • Red-throated Diver: single Bay of Stoer
  • Great Northern Diver: 4 Bay of Stoer
  • White-tailed Eagle: juvenile bird over Bay of Stoer

20th January 2017

  • Harbour Porpoise: single off Stoerhead Lighthouse
  • Otter: single lochinver bay
  • Gannet: 5 (4 adult 1 4th-winter) off Stoerhead Lighthouse
  • Fulmar: 17 on nesting cliffs below Stoerhead Lighthouse

18th January 2017

  • Harbour Porpoise: 2 off Rubh’an Dunain
  • Knot: single bird Bay of Culkein
  • Great Northern Diver: 2 Bay of Culkein
  • Starling: c110 Culkein Stoer
  • Redwing: 2 Culkein Stoer
  • Eider: 2 (adult and 1st-winter male) off Rubh’an Dunain
  • Goosander: single male Badnaban bay

16th January 2017

  • Whooper Swan: 2 adults Lochan Saile nr Achmelvich
  • Long-tailed Tit: 3 near Ardroe
  • Treecreeper: single bird near Ardroe
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker: single female near Ardroe
  • Little Grebe: single bird Loch Roe
  • Red-breasted Merganser: 5 (2 male 3 female) Loch Roe
  • Goosander: single male on Loch Borallan
  • Raven: Adult on nest near Inchnadamph

15th January 2017

  • Black Guillemot: 4 Loch Dhrombaig. One of these birds was acquiring its summer plumage.
  • Iceland Gull: single immature bird over Culkein Drumbeg
  • Merlin: female Culkein Drumbeg
  • Twite: 61 feeding on croft land, Clachtoll
  • Rock Dove: 39 at Clachtoll

14th January 2017

  • Stoat: single animal in half-ermine Balchladich garden
  • Wigeon: single male Loch Neil Bhain
  • Turnstone: 4 Bay of Culkein
  • Redshank: 3 Bay of Culkein
  • Iceland Gull: single 1st-winter bird Bay of Culkein
  • Barnacle Goose: 34 Culkein Stoer
  • Tufted Duck: 4 (3 male 1 female) Loch na Claise
  • Teal: 10 (4 male 6 female) Loch na Claise
  • Little Grebe: 2 Loch na Claise and single birds Lochan Sgeireach and Loch Drumbeg
  • Dipper: single bird feeding in Loch Assynt near Ardvreck Castle
  • Razorbill: single bird Loch a’ Chairn Bhain
  • Goldeneye: 3 (1 male 2 female) Loch Ruighean an Aitinn, Drumbeg
  • Sparrowhawk: single bird through Stoer garden

13th January 2017

  • Iceland Gull: single immature bird Lochinver bay
  • Glaucous Gull: single immature bird Lochinver bay

12th January 2017

  • Goldeneye: 3 females Loch Awe
  • Cormorant: Three Loch Awe
  • Treecreeper: single bird in Badnaban garden

11th January 2017

  • Tufted Duck: pair on Lochan Sgeireach, Stoer
  • Blackbird: 21 feeding on Culag Park, Lochinver

10th January 2017

  • Iceland Gull: single immature bird Loch Inver

8th January 2017

  • Turnstone: 4 Bay of Culkein
  • Sanderling: single bird Bay of Culkein
  • Ringed Plover: 22 Bay of Culkein
  • Common Gull: 54 Bay of Culkein
  • Great Northern Diver: single bird Bay of Culkein
  • Red-throated Diver: single bird Bay of Culkein

7th January 2017

  • Goldeneye: 3 (1 male 2 female) Loch Drumbeg

6th January 2017

  • Starling: c60 Clashnessie

5th January 2017

  • Otter: mother and cub near Clachtoll
  • By-the-wind-sailor (Velella velella): huge numbers of this hydroid washed up in Clachtoll Bay. Photos on Gallery-Marine.
  • Common Seal: 18+ Oldany estuary area
  • Grey Seal: single animal Oldany estuary
  • Moorhen: single bird Loch an Aigeil
  • Buzzard: 3 over Clachtoll
  • Little Grebe: single bird Loch Drumbeg
  • Teal: 17 Oldany Estuary
  • Grey Heron: 2 Oldany estuary
  • Great Northern Diver: single off Culkein Drumbeg

4th January 2017

  • Weasel: single animal Balchladich
  • Reed Bunting: 4 near Brackloch
  • Stonechat: single female near Brackloch
  • Goldeneye: single female Lochan Fearna and 3 males and a single female River Inver near Little Assynt. Photo at Gallery-Birds.
  • Dipper: 4 on River Inver near Little Assynt
  • Long-tailed Tit: 6 in trees near Little Assynt Tree Nursery
  • Iceland Gull: 1st-winter bird flying across Clashnessie Bay. Photo at Gallery-Birds.

3rd January 2017

  • Tawny Owl: single bird singing Culkein Drumbeg

2nd January 2017

  • Chaffinch: 21 Culkein Drumbeg
  • Greenfinch: 2 (1 male 1 female) Culkein Drumbeg
  • Woodcock: single bird Culkein Drumbeg

1st January 2017

  • Whooper Swan: 3 (2 adult 1 juvenile) Loch an Aigeil
  • Turnstone: 4 Bay of Culkein
  • Redshank: 4 Bay of Culkein
  • Sanderling: single bird Bay of Culkein
  • Reed Bunting: single male Culkein Stoer
  • Barnacle Goose: 19 Culkein Stoer
  • Lapwing: single bird Culkein Stoer. This is a repeat of 2016’s record when a single bird was recorded at this location on the 1st.
  • Goldfinch: 16 Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker: single bird on peanut feeder Nedd garden (Ian Evans)