Sightings for November 2009

March 10th 2010

Single Golden Eagle from lochinver 11th November  (Mary Aird & Jean MacBain)

Pipistrelle bats flying around house at Recharn 18th November (Rosemary Baines) 

13 Whooper Swans on Loch Assynt 5th November (Gwen Richards)

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Recent Sightings

Common Gull

58 adults and 25 juvenile near Stoer cemetery (AS) (11/08)

Harbour Porpoise

Single animal Clashnessie bay (AS) (11/08)

Hen Harrier

Male bird east end of reeds at Loch na Claise (AS) (10/08)


27 birds feeding over reedbed at Loch na Claise (AS) (10/08)

Common Dolphin

100+ very active animals off Bay of Stoer (DAH) (10/08)


single bird low over Loch an Aigeil, Clachtoll (DAH) (10/08)


single bird over Loch an Aigeil, Clachtoll (DAH) (10/08)

Minke Whale

single animal way out from Bay of Stoer (DAH) (09/08)