Sightings for August 2010

August 25th 2010

White-tailed Sea Eagle at Loch Assynt 3rd August (Derek Spenser)

28 Black-throated Divers in Clachtoll Bay 3rd August (reported by visitor)

Long-eared Owl in garden at Stoer 6th August (Claire Belshaw)

6 Manx Shearwaters in Enard Bay 8th August (Tina Lloyd-Jenkins)

50-60 Common Dolphins at Clachtoll 8th August (reported by visitor)

80 Common Gulls at Clachtoll 15th August (Andy Summers)

Minke whale at Clachtoll 11th August (reported by visitor)

Solitary Bees at Clachtoll make their first appearance of the year 15th August (Andy Summers)

Meadow grasshoppers at Pollan 15th August (Andy Summers)

Pine marten with young at Eas Brachaidh 17th August (Tina LLoyd-Jenkins)

5 Minke whales at Stoer lighthouse 18th August (reported by visitor)

Stoat at Inchnadamph 18th august (Andy Summers)

Very white Common Buzzard at Culkein Stoer 18th August (Maisie Macleod)

60 Twite at at Culkein Stoer 19th August (Andy Summers)

5 Harbour Porpoise at Clachtoll 22nd August (reported)

3 Juvenile Goldfinches at Nedd 24th August (Ian Evans)

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Recent Sightings


single immature bird on rock in River Inver out from filling station, Lochinver (Michael Rochester). Photo Gallery - Birds) (27/03)

Golden Plover

three birds on Glas Bheinn (Dave McBain) (26/03)


single bird wing drying, Cam Loch, Elphin (Rosie Christmas) (26/03)

Black-throated Diver

single bird in summer plumage, Achmelvich Bay (DAH) (26/03)

Meadow Pipit

several birds displaying over machair, Achmelvich (DAH) (26/03)

Pied Wagtail

three male birds feeding on machair, Achmelvich (DAH) (26/03)


eight birds on Stoer Green (DAH) (26/03)

Whooper Swan

nine birds flying north-east over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) (25/03)