Cave spider egg sac found in Gleann Leireag

June 6th 2011

Two egg sacs of a cave spider Meta menardi were discovered in an archaeological site in Gleann Leireag on 23rd May 2011. They were identified by Ian Evans from photographs taken by David Haines during a guided walk by the Highland Council Ranger Service. The two golf-ball sized egg sacs were seen hanging in the shape of tear drops from the roof of an underground souterraine. They are thought to be one of the most northerly records of this spider and further investigations are being carried out to confirm this.

Cave spider egg sacs in an underground cavern in Glen Leireag 23rd May 2011
Cave spider egg sacs in an underground cavern in Glen Leireag 23rd May 2011

The underground souterraine is thought to be a type of Iron-age grain store and Historic Assynt will hopefully be organising a dig at the site this summer.

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