Sightings – August 2011

September 22nd 2011

Sightings – August 2011

Three Harbour Porpoise off Stoer Lighthouse 6th Aug (Andy Summers)

Single Basking Shark off Raffin 7th Aug (reported)

Seven Whimbrel at Clachtoll 13th Aug (Andy Summers)

Single Sunfish off Clachtoll c10th Aug (Jim Galway)

100+ Starlings and c70 House Sparrows at Clachtoll 13th Aug (Andy Summers)

Single Juvenile Peregrine at Stronchrubie cliffs 15th Aug (John)

Single Slow worm on Glencanisp loop path 18th Aug (Reported)

Single Minke Whale spotted in Loch Glencoul 19th Aug (Reported)

First late summer flock of 25 Twite at Clachtoll 19th Aug (Andy Summers)

Juvenile Peregrine at Raffin 20th August (Andy Summers)

Large female Adder (30-40cm) killed on road at Drumbeg 22nd Aug (Marianne Simpson)

Six, possibly seven Orca (Killer Whales) off Stoer lighthouse 23rd Aug (Leigh Sedgley)

Single Red Kite at Inchnadamph 25th Aug (Reported)

Single Minke whale off Stoer lighthouse 25th Aug (Leigh Sedgley)

Three juvenile Bullfinch at Little Assynt path 28th August (reported)

Single Peacock Butterfly in Clachtoll garden 28th August (Andy Summers)

Single Pine Marten crossing road near little Assynt 28th Aug (Reported)

Single White-tailed Sea Eagle seen from Glencanisp 29th August (Reported)

Single female Wigeon Loch na Claise 29th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Three Teal Loch na Claise 29th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Four Sanderling at Culkein Stoer 29th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Single Merlin in Bay of Culkein 29th Aug as well as a single Arctic Skua and two Great Skua (David & Avril Haines)

Two Sand Martin around Loch na Claise 29th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

59 Starlings Balchladich 29th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Otter seen in Balchladich Bay 29th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Single Willow Warbler Culkein Drumbeg 30th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

20+ Twite Culkein Drumbeg 30th Aug (David & Avril Haines)

51 Common Seals Oldany Estuary 30th Aug  (David & Avril Haines)

16 Eider Ducks Bay of Stoer 31st Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Single Great Northern Diver Bay of Clachtoll 31st Aug (David & Avril Haines)

30+ Meadow Pipits Culkein Drumbeg 31st Aug (David & Avril Haines)

Single Stoat playing with dead mouse at Clachtoll 31st Aug (David & Avril Haines)

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Recent Sightings


Eight birds fishing, Bay of Stoer (Charlie Leeson) (10/08)


Single bird heard, Culkein Stoer (Nick Simpson).   (09/08)


Single male flying alongside road, Inchnadamph (Paul MGowan) (09/08)

Common Toad

Single amphibian in grass near Oldany (DAH) (07/08)

Palmate Newt

Single amphibian in grass near Oldany (DAH) (07/08)


Scotch Argus (7), Speckled Wood (2), Dark Green Fritillary (1), Meadow Brown (1), all along stretch of B869 from mouth of Oldany River to Culkein Drumbeg junction (DAH) (07/08)


Two birds, one immature, fishing from Bay of Clachtoll to Bay of Stoer (Charlie Leeson) (07/08)

Field Gentian (Gentianella campestris)

15+ plants coming into flower, Stoer green (Charlie Leeson) (07/08)