Grey Seal Pup on Stoer Beach

November 13th 2012

Grey Seal Pup Stoer Beach Photo B. Cook

On 4th November 2012 Bob Cook from Stoer spotted this Grey Seal pup on the beach at Stoer Bay.

He did the correct thing and did not touch it, which could have led to problems had its mother still been around, instead he took its photo and contacted Andy Summers, Highland Council’s Senior Ranger.

From the photo and information provided by Bob it was clear that the pup had been weaned and was on its own but in poor condition being thin and slightly emaciated. Given its condition it may be that the seal would have needed to be passed to the SSPCA but it did not hang around long enough for that decision to be made; by the time Andy reached Stoer the pup had made its own way back to the sea and swam off.

This is slightly early in the year for Grey Seals to be ‘pupping’ as the largest colony near us, at Loch Eriboll, usually pups well into November. There is also a smaller colony on the Summer Isles.

Grey Seals are not seen around Assynt as frequently as the Common or Harbour Seals which have their pups in early summer.

The other difference with the pupping of the two species is that the Grey Seal pups, which have a creamy white coat, spend around two to three weeks on shore before taking to the water while the dark coated Common Seal pups take to the water almost immediately.
Let’s hope this pup survives.

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