August 2017 Sightings

31st August 2017

  • Bank Vole: single animal photographed feeding in Badnaban garden (Dave Bird). Photo on Land Mammals gallery
  • Common Dolphin: c30 off Bay of Stoer (DAH)

29th August 2017

  • Beech-green Carpet moth (Colostygia olivata): single on door to Achmelvich Youth Hostel (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Knot: single juvenile Clashnessie Bay (DAH)
  • Turnstone: four (2 adult, 2 juvenile) on rocks below Rubh'an Dunain (DAH)
  • Wigeon: nine (4 male 5 female) flying past Rubh'an Dunain (DAH)
  • Whimbrel: 10 over Rubh'an Dunain (DAH)
  • House Sparrow: 30+ adults and juveniles Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Dunlin: single juvenile bird Bay of Culkein (DAH)

27th August 2017

  • Slow worm: At least ten females basking together beside road at junction of A837 and B869 (AS)
  • Goldfinch: Flock of 70+ feeding on knapweed on a croft in Clachtoll (AS)

26th August 2017

  • More Cetaceans!: Minke Whale-1, Common Dolphin-c80 and Harbour Porpoise-5 (including a mother and calf) all off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)

25th August 2017

  • Cetaceans: Minke Whale-2; Risso's Dolphin-6; Common Dolphin-c60 and Harbour Porpoise-10 all off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)

23rd August 2017

  • White-tailed Eagle: immature bird over Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Harbour Porpoise: two off Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Common Dolphin: small pod of c6 off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Arctic Skua: single dark morph bird harassing Kittiwakes off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Harbour Porpoise: five feeding close in Achmelvich Bay (DAH)
  • Whimbrel: single bird Achmelvich Bay (DAH)
  • Black-throated Diver: three adult birds Achmelvich Bay (DAH)
  • Redshank: two birds Achmelvich Bay (DAH)

22nd August 2017

  • Lesser Swallow Prominent moth: single moth on wall of Achmelvich Youth Hostel (Sarah Livingstone)

21st August 2017

  • Grey Wagtail: single adult male Oldany estuary (DAH)

20th August 2017

  • Starlings: 42 on the roof of Achmelvich Youth Hostel (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Common Dolphin: 20+ feeding for c3 hours between Bay of Stoer and Bay of Clachtoll and visible from both locations (DAH)
  • Redshank: single juvenile bird Bay of Stoer (DAH)
  • Ringed Plover: five Bay of Stoer (DAH)
  • Red-throated Diver: two off Bay of Stoer (DAH)

18th August 2017

  • Common Dolphin: small pod of around six animals off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Black-tailed Godwit: 10 over Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Golden Plover: c55 past Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Pied Wagtail: six over car park at Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Goldfinch: 12 feeding on road near Strathcroy (DAH)

17th August 2017

  • Whimbrel: single bird with two Curlew Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Great Skua: ten in total either on or following local creel boat off Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Sanderling: two adult birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Dunlin: eight juvenile birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull: single adult bird feeding on croft near Stoer Village Hall (DAH)

16th August 2017

  • House Martin: 16 feeding over harbour area Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)
  • Lesser Redpoll: five on shore line rocks Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

15th August 2017

  • Grey Wagtail: single bird seen on shore of Cam Loch (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Curlew: five on Stoer green (DAH)
  • Goldfinch: four (adult and three juveniles) Culkein Stoer (DAH)

14th August 2017

  • Willow Warbler: bird heard singing in Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). This is likely to be a juvenile bird getting in some practise for next year

13th August 2017

  • Common Dolphin: several small pods of 4-20 animals off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Arctic Skua: single dark morph bird harassing a Kittiwake off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Tawny Owl: single bird calling over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)
  • Merlin: single bird hunting just above grass height near Raffin (DAH)
  • Common or Harbour Seal: 48 off Culkein Drumbeg jetty (DAH)

12th August 2017

  • Willow Warbler: single bird feeding in Torbreck garden (Michael Rochester)
  • Common Dolphin: 50+ between Clachtoll and Bay of Stoer (DAH/Tam and Cilla Barnshaw/Stuart Belshaw)
  • Moorhen: single juvenile bird Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Little Grebe: three Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Redshank: 12 Bay of Culkein and 30+ over Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Linnet: adult male and two juveniles Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • House Sparrow: 21 Culkein Stoer and c30 Balchladich (DAH)

11th August 2017

  • Slow-worm: single crossing track near Ardroe (Margaret Mason)
  • Sparrowhawk: single adult bird over Clashnessie Bay (DAH)
  • Red-throated Diver: two adult birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Dunlin: seven juvenile birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Sanderling: two juvenile birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Otter: single sighting at Achmelvich (AS)

8th August 2017

  • Harbour Porpoise: two off Achmelvich Bay (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Osprey: single bird being mobbed by Buzzard over Little Assynt (Don O'Driscoll)
  • Common Dolphin: c100 off Clachtoll (Emma Steel and Emily Burton, Whale and Dolphin Conservation)
  • Red-throated Diver: five (2 adult 3 juvenile) off Clachtoll (DAH)

7th August 2017

  • Bullfinch: two calling in trees near Loch Poll track (DAH)
  • Curlew: three adults Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Red-breasted Merganser: adult female and three mid-sized fledglings Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Otter: single in Loch Inver off Baddidarach (Michael Mason)
  • Antler Moth: two on wall of Achmelvich Youth Hostel (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Pebble Prominent moth: single on wall of Achmelvich Youth Hostel (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Six-spot Burnet Moth: four in Achmelvich Youth Hostel garden (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Small Tortoiseshell butterfly: single near Ardroe (Sarah Livingstone)
  • Speckled Wood butterfly: multiple sightings near Ardroe (Sarah Livingstone)

6th August 2017

  • White-tailed Eagle: four, including non-adult birds, flying over Little Assynt All Abilities path car park (Stewart Yates). This species does not breed in Assynt but an interesting record.
  • Common Dolphin: pod of 15+ off Stoer Head Lighthouse (Tam Barnshaw)
  • Harbour Porpoise: two adults off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Small Tortoiseshell butterfly: singles seen at Culkein Stoer (DAH) and Clachtoll (Les and Liz Pearce)

5th August 2017

  • Redshank: single bird Rubh'an Dunain (Gwen Richards)
  • Swallow: 30+ feeding over Culkein Stoer and the bay (DAH)
  • Twite: 17 Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Dunlin: eight (1 adult 7 juvenile) Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Ringed Plover: eleven (adults and juveniles) Bay of Culkein (DAH)

3rd August 2017

  • Otter: two orphaned otter cubs rescued near Clachtoll; story and photographs under Articles & News

2nd August 2017

  • Red-breasted Merganser: seven (adults and juveniles) Oldany estuary (DAH)

1st August 2017

  • Red-throated Diver: two adults off Clashnessie Bay (DAH)
  • Common Dolphin: total 60+ in several pods off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Harbour Porpoise: three adults off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)