IMG_0524 Gannet showing dark isolated lumps on stomach 6-6-18

June 22nd 2018

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Recent Sightings

Black-throated Diver

Six birds, Loch Kirkaig (Joan Megson) (20/07)


Two birds fishing, Loch Kirkaig (Joan Megson) (19/07)

Woodland Sage

20+ plants, Loch Assynt shore (Murray Anderson) (19/07)

Garden Tiger (Arctia caja)

Single moth in grass, by Loch Assynt (Murray Anderson).  Photo Gallery - Moths (19/07)

Reed Bunting

Single bird on bracken, by Loch Assynt (Murray Anderson) (19/07)

Common Blue

Single butterfly on clover & bracken, by Loch Assynt (Murray Anderson) (19/07)

Rosy Woodlouse (Androniscus dentiger)

Single woodlouse, Nedd (Benjamin McTaggart and Ian Evans).  In grass tussocks, garden; first record from Assynt and West Sutherland (18/07)

Red Kite

Single bird, over Achmelvich (Richard Evans) (18/07)