January 2019 Sightings

30th January 2019

  • Great Northern Diver: four birds on Loch Dhrombaig (DAH)

29th January 2019

  • Lesser Black-backed Gull: single bird in winter plumage, Loch an Aigeil (Ian Evans)
  • Little Grebe: two birds on Loch'na Creige Leithe, Clachtoll (DAH)

25th January 2019

  • Woodcock: at least three 'springing' off the roadside at dusk, Loch Eileanach, Lagg (Ian Evans)
  • Whooper Swan: five birds (2 adults, 3 juvenile) on River Loanan just south of Inchnadamph (DAH)
  • Little Grebe: two birds Loch Drumbeg (DAH)

20th January 2019

  • Goldeneye: four birds (1 male, 3 female) Loch Drumbeg (DAH)

19th January 2019

  • Pied Wagtail: single at Clachtoll crofts (AS) 
  • Curlew: 13 birds Stoer green (DAH)
  • Teal: 12 birds, Oldany estuary (DAH)

18th January 2019

  • Otter: two animals 'playing' in Loch Inver (Victoria Campen)
  • By-the-wind Sailor (Velella velella): a small number of this fascinating hydrozoan found washed up dead on Clashnessie beach (DAH)
  • Meadow Pipit: nine birds on grazing land, Culkein Stoer (DAH)

17th January 2019

  • Lapwing: single bird on roadside croft, Clachtoll (Roz Summers)
  • Mistle Thrush: two birds, along with a single Fieldfare, on overhead wires, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

16th January 2019

  • Great Northern Diver: single bird off White Shore, Lochinver (Gwen Richards)
  • Goldfinch: 12 birds on and around peanut feeder, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

15th January 2019

  • Dipper: four birds on River Inver opposite Little Assynt Tree Nursery (DAH)

14th January 2019

  • Little Grebe: three birds Lochan Sgeireach, Stoer (DAH)

11th January 2019

  • Purple Sandpiper: single bird in with c30 Ringed Plover, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Redshank: six birds feeding, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Eider: 16 birds (10 male, 6 female) off Raffin Bothies (DAH)
  • Great Northern Diver: raft of five birds off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Fulmar: 70+ birds on cliffs below Stoer Head Lighthouse with 40+ flying just off the cliffs (DAH)
  • Sparrowhawk: female bird chasing and following single Snipe into reed beds at west end of Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Goldeneye: four birds (3 male, 1 female) Loch na Claise (DAH)

10th January 2019

  • White-tailed Eagle: single subadult bird hunting Fulmar over west of parish (DAH). Photo Gallery - Birds

9th January 2019

  • Teal: c12 birds, Loch Fasg an t-Seana Chlaidh near Achmelvich Bridge (Romany Garnett)

8th January 2019

  • Moorhen: single bird Loch an Aigeil (Ian Evans)
  • White-tailed Eagle: two birds over Achmelvich (Paul and Lis Burnett)

7th January 2019

  • Harbour Porpoise: two seen off Clachtoll (Paul and Lis Burnett)

6th January 2019

  • Long-tailed Tit: 6+ in Birch trees on road to Glencanisp Lodge (Adele Hersey)
  • Long-tailed Tit: seven birds on garden fat ball feeder, Lochinver (David & Irene McGrath). Photo Gallery - Birds
  • Harbour Porpoise: three animals off Stoerhead Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Barnacle Goose: 18+ birds on Eilean Chrona (DAH)
  • Red-throated Diver: single bird off Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Redshank: four birds Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Goldeneye: three birds (1 male, 2 female) Loch Drumbeg (DAH)

5th January 2019

  • Treecreeper: single bird in Torbreck woodland (Paul and Lis Burnett)
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker: single male and female in Torbreck garden (Paul and Lis Burnett)
  • Wigeon: single female Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Teal: three males and a single female Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Curlew: six birds on Stoer green (DAH)
  • Goldeneye: pair on Lochan Fearna, near Strathcroy (DAH)

3rd January 2019

  • Rock Dove: 33 at Clachtoll (AS)
  • Dipper: Adult singing on river bank at the Bone Caves (AS) 

2nd January 2019

  • Otter: single animal feeding in Loch Dhrombaig (DAH)

1st January 2019

  • Tufted Duck: three male birds Loch na Claise (Tam and Cilla Barnshaw)
  • Little Grebe: three birds Loch na Claise (Tam and Cilla Barnshaw)
  • Great Northern Diver: single bird on sea off Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Whooper Swan: three birds flying over Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Curlew: 13 birds over Split Rock, Clachtoll (DAH)