YOUNG WILDCATS – Wildcam Otter

March 22nd 2019

YOUNG WILDCATS – Wildcam Otter

We have had the wildlife cam for a bit now. At the start we got lots of deer and badgers going off the wildlife cam and foxes. We had thought we had struck gold when we got a pine martin stop in the middle of the cam for five seconds, but we needed one more animal – an OTTER!

We decided to put it by our stream at the back of our croft – the reason being it has small salmon and sea trout running up the stream.

So we took our dogs Geo and Trix for a walk to the stream and put the wild life cam on the bank.

1 week later….

The day before we went on holiday, we went with our house sitters around the path round our croft and we went to take the wildlife cam down for the week.

When we were home from the walk we had a look at the videos. One had a heron’s back end… And drum roll… Well look at the VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to view the video (opens in new window on YouTube)

By Corwin, age 9

(Thanks to Corwin and Assynt Fly Fishing for allowing us to share the video)

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