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January 19th 2020

Our website

We have had a couple of people ask why there doesn’t appear to have been any sightings or articles posted on our website since late November or mid-December.  AAArgh! was our first response.

After a bit of investigation, and some discussion with our hosting company, it turned out some folks’ computers were needing refreshed as they were presenting an older cached version of our website.

So, if you think things on your version of our website are a bit behind the times then all you need to do is ‘refresh’ or ‘re-load’ our site. Easy for us to say, so here’s how simple it is –

The search bar where you should see our website address has an open, circular arrow at the right-hand side. Simply left click on that arrow and the page will reload giving you the current version.

You might find that a few other pages are also caught in a time warp as you browse the site. If that’s the case just click that arrow again while you are on the page and that’s it!

Attached is a screenshot to help with this.

Thank you, and we hope you continue to enjoy our website.

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Recent Sightings


Single male and female birds on garden feeders, 81 Torbreck (Cheryl Smith) (12/06)


Single bird, Stoer peat road, by small lochan which drains to Loch an Easain (Charlie Leeson) (11/06)

Black-throated Diver

Single bird Loch na Bruthaich (Tony Eldred). Another non-breeding loch that these birds seem to use for a bit of down-time. (10/06)

Black-throated Diver

Two birds, Achmelvich Bay (Alison and Angus Stewart) (09/06)


Two birds, Culag Woods (DAH) (09/06)

Ragged-Robin (Silene flos-cuculi)

c.50 plants near Achmelvich campsite (Nathalie Wallace) (09/06)

Early marsh-orchid (ssp. incarnata)

10+ flowers in old quarry, Little Assynt (Ian Evans and Gwen Richards). Also Northern marsh-orchid and Heath Fragrant orchid. This being a new site for all three plants. (09/06)


Single bird over River Inver, opposite Little Assynt Tree Nursery (Nick Clooney, Gwen Richards, Jean Haslam) (09/06)