March 2020 Sightings

31st March 2020

  • Grey Wagtail: single female, Badnaban (Les and Liz Pearce)
  • Stoat: single animal in brown 'coat' south of Clashnessie (Ian M. Evans)
  • Wheatear: single bird, Loch Poll an Droughinn, Stoer (Gwen Richards/Ian M. Evans)
  • Teal: 4+ Loch a'Mhi Runaich, Stoer (Gwen Richards/Ian M. Evans)

30th March 2020

  • Redwing: c16 birds on overhead wires, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

29th March 2020

  • Golden Plover: 15 birds near Clachtoll Broch (AS)
  • Greylag Goose: 32 geese on croft at Clachtoll (AS)
  • Little Grebe: Pair on loch Sgeireach, Stoer (AS)
  • Skylark: 17 on Clachtoll croft (AS)
  • Greenshank: two birds heard calling, Oldany estuary (DAH). Our first 2020 record. In 2019 the first record was 24th March and 2018 was 28th March.
  • Shelduck: pair of birds, Lochan na Leobaig, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)
  • Eider: two pairs, Lochan na Leobaig, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

28th March 2020

  • Redwing: four birds feeding on ground in Glendarroch garden, Lochinver (Chris and Fran Barley)
  • Pink-footed Goose: c100 heading north over Stoer (Bill and Val Badger)
  • Redwing: four birds on wall around Stoer church (Bill and Val Badger)

27th March 2020

  • Wheatear: single male bird near Srón viewpoint (DAH)
  • Cormorant: single immature bird on rock in River Inver out from filling station, Lochinver (Michael Rochester). Photo Gallery - Birds)
  • Slow-worm: single animal in Achmelvich garden (Ingrid Ritchie)
  • Common Toad: 50++ in pool by carpark, Blar na Fear Mora (NC143253) (Gwen Richards/Ian M. Evans)
  • Common lizard: single animal Ruigh Coinich, Loch Beannach (Ian Evans/Gwen Richards)

26th March 2020

  • Golden Plover: three birds on Glas Bheinn (Dave McBain)
  • Cormorant: single bird wing drying, Cam Loch, Elphin (Rosie Christmas)
  • Black-throated Diver: single bird in summer plumage, Achmelvich Bay (DAH)
  • Meadow Pipit: several birds displaying over machair, Achmelvich (DAH)
  • Pied Wagtail: three male birds feeding on machair, Achmelvich (DAH)
  • Curlew: eight birds on Stoer Green (DAH)
  • Eider: 4 pairs Lochinver bay (AS)
  • Common lizard: single animal in Achmelvich garden (Ingrid Ritchie)
  • Ground beetle (Poecilus versicolor): single beetle, Camasnafriaraich (NC06842313) (Gwen Richards/Ian M. Evans). This is a nice record of a beetle that is scarce in the north-west.
  • Common Toad: 20++ Loch near Camasnafriaraich (NC068233) (Gwen Richards/Ian M. Evans)

25th March 2020

  • Wheatear: single bird Clashnessie (Ian M. Evans)
  • Whooper Swan: nine birds flying north-east over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

24th March 2020

  • Skylark: seven birds feeding on house driveway, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). Photo Gallery - Birds

22nd March 2020

  • Lapland Bunting: single female, Culkein Stoer (DAH). Photo Gallery - Birds
  • Greylag Geese: 36 birds, Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Skylark: 10+ birds, Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Red-throated Diver: single bird, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Great Northern Diver: three birds, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Common Gull: 70+ birds, Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Whooper Swan: three birds, Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Redwing: 5 birds at Clachtoll (AS)

21st March 2020

  • Wheatear: single bird just east of Clashnessie (Ian M. Evans). Our first 2020 record of this sub-Saharan migrant. Last year's first date was 25th March and in 2018 it was 26th March.
  • Goldcrest: single bird in Elphin garden (Rosie Christmas)
  • Golden Plover: 30 birds over crofts at Clachtoll (AS)
  • Linnet: Possibly first birds back in Assynt at Clachtoll (AS)

20th March 2020

  • Pipistrelle Bat: single bat flying at dusk, Nedd (Ian M. Evans)
  • White-tailed bumblebee: single unidentified white-tailed bumblebee, Torbreck Garden (Gwen Richards) and single White-tailed Bumblebee Bombus lucorum near Achmelvich Bridge (DAH)
  • Reed Bunting: two birds in Torbreck garden (Gwen Richards)
  • Common Frog: c45 in garden pond, Torbreck, some were paired (Gwen Richards)
  • Mistle Thrush: pairs seen at Telephone exchange, Culkein Drumbeg and in field grazed by horses, Achmelvich Bridge (DAH)
  • Dunnock: several birds heard singing around Rhicarn (DAH). Photo Gallery - Birds
  • Reed Bunting: single bird singing from reeds, Loch an Aigeil (DAH)
  • Eider: four pairs flying past Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Harbour Porpoise: single animal off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)

16th March 2020

  • Toad: several crossing road near Loch an Ordain, Torbreck (DAH)
  • Eider: single male bird Badnaban Bay (Dave Bird)

15th March 2020

  • Long-tailed Tit: several sightings of two birds on Torbreck garden nut feeder (Michael Rochester)
  • Toad: two males on northern shore of Lochan Feoir, Quinag, (Ian Evans and Gwen Richards)
  • Reed Bunting: single male feeding around garden pond, Torbreck (Gwen Richards)
  • Dipper: single bird on Allt Sgiathaig, Skiag (Gwen Richards)

13th March 2020

  • Black-throated Diver: two birds in summer plumage, Loch Kirkaig (DAH)
  • Barnacle Goose: 14 on A'Chleit off Inverkirkaig (DAH)
  • Pied Wagtail: four birds on Stoer Green (Charlie Leeson)
  • Lapwing: four birds on marsh near Clachtoll Broch (Charlie Leeson)

12th March 2020

  • Bullfinch: single male on bird feeder in Strathan garden (Clarinda Chant)
  • Razorbill: 40+ off Stoer Bay (DAH)
  • Pied Wagtail: two birds Culkein Drumbeg, single birds Stoer Cemetery and Clashnessie, three birds on main beach Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Redwing: single bird, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)
  • Mistle Thrush: two birds, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

9th March 2020

  • Whooper Swan: 10 birds flying north over Loch na Claise (Claire Belshaw)
  • Pied Wagtail: single bird on Stoer Peat Road (Claire Belshaw)
  • Weasel: single animal in Glendarroch garden, Lochinver (Chris and Fran Barley)

8th March 2020

  • Great Northern Diver: three birds, Loch Dhrombaig (DAH)
  • Lapwing: three birds on small island, Loch Neil Bhain (DAH)

6th March 2020

  • Goldeneye: five birds including 3 females on Loch Awe (AS)
  • Black-throated Diver: single bird on Loch Assynt (AS)
  • Otter: single animal Loch Inver, near Church of Scotland (Fiona Carter)

5th March 2020

  • Twite: c45 birds on crofts at Clachtoll (AS)
  • Pine Marten: single animal near Loch Culag (Fiona Carter)

4th March 2020

  • Harbour Seal: c40 animals basking on rocks Loch Roe (AS)
  • Redwing: one bird seen, others heard calling over Nedd (Ian Evans)
  • Tawny Owl: bird heard 'kee-wicking' at about 0230 hrs, Nedd (Ian Evans)

3rd March 2020

  • Tawny Owl: single bird accidentally flushed from tree during day time, Glen Leireag (Claire Belshaw) 
  • Mistle Thrush: single bird singing, Nedd (Ian Evans)

2nd March 2020

  • Lapwing: three birds on Clachtoll crofts (AS)
  • Goldeneye: pair of birds on Loch Drumbeg (DAH)

1st March 2020

  • Frog Spawn: 3+ clumps in garden pond, Glacanurican, Drumbeg;  19+ clumps (several frosted) in roadside ditches, Pollachapuill road end, Culkein Drumbeg; 5+ clumps (several frosted) in roadside ditch, opposite Springfield, Culkein Drumbeg (all Ian Evans)
  • Lapwing: single male bird on grazing at Oldany Farm (DAH)
  • Primrose: two flowers on Torbreck croft (Gwen Richards)