September 2020 Sightings

30th September 2020

  • Blackcap: single male bird in Torbreck garden (Gwen Richards)
  • Yellow-browed Warbler: single bird in Torbreck garden (Gwen Richards)

29th September 2020

  • Slow-worm: single reptile spotted on Baddidarach to Achmelvich path (Ballal Mirza)
  • Brent Goose: single light-bellied bird on rock in Clashnessie Bay (DAH). This bird had two coloured leg rings and we are trying to establish its history. Update 30-9-20 - we have heard back from the Irish Brent Goose Ringing Group and this bird was ringed as a juvenile in South Dublin in December 2019.
  • Little Grebe: three birds, Lochan Sgeireach, Stoer (DAH)
  • Sparrowhawk: single bird, probably juvenile, in 'dogfight' with Hooded Crow for over 10 minutes, Culkein Stoer (Gwen Richards and Ian M. Evans)
  • Viper’s-bugloss (Echium vulgare): single plant in fenced ground, Culkein Stoer (Ian M. Evans and Gwen Richards). First record of this plant in Assynt since 2006
  • Bar-tailed Godwit: single bird Bay of Culkein (Gwen Richards and Ian Evans)

28th September 2020

  • Mistle Thrush: 10 birds, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

27th September 2020

  • Minke Whale: single animal feeding off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Common Dolphin: two animals feeding off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Gannet: c35 birds actively feeding off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Grey Wagtail: single bird feeding on Clachtoll croft (DAH)
  • Great Northern Diver: two birds off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH)
  • Wheatear: Single bird on Bealach at top of Quinag (AS)
  • Brent Goose: Two birds in Lochinver bay (AS)

26th September 2020

  • Whooper Swan: single adult bird, Loch an Aigeil (DAH)
  • Whooper Swan: Single bird on Loch an Aigeil, Clachtoll (AS)

25th September 2020

  • Brent Goose: Single in Lochinver Bay (Stuart McClelland)

23rd September 2020

  • Brent Goose: 30 pale-bellied birds Bay of Culkein (Judy Clift)
  • Common Dolphin: 10 off Stoer Head lighthouse, then a similar number 30 minutes later passing split rock at Clachtoll (Mhairi Leeson + Sam Stibbs)
  • Whooper Swan: 10 flying over Ardvar garden (Beccy Garvey)

20th September 2020

  • Tufted Duck: single male bird, Loch na Claise (DAH)
  • Reed Bunting: two winter plumage birds, Culkein Stoer (DAH)
  • Dunlin: three birds, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Bar-tailed Godwit: single bird, Bay of Culkein (DAH)

17th September 2020

  • Pink-footed Goose: 23 birds heading south-east over Lochinver (DAH) and c40 over Clashmore (Adrian Stabler)
  • Ringed Plover: single adult bird crossing road near Strathcroy (DAH)
  • Swallow: two birds over Drumbeg Stores (DAH)

16th September 2020

  • Adder: single animal Little Assynt, All Abilities Path (Chris Puddephatt)
  • Red Admiral: single butterfly basking on hazel tree, Nedd garden (Ian Evans) 15 Sep 2020, and single in house, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) 16 Sep 2020. Both looked freshly emerged so could be offspring of spring arrivals. Photos of both Gallery - Butterflies
  • Pink-footed Goose: 16 birds heading south-east over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

15th September 2020

  • Weasel: single animal in Torbreck garden (Michael Rochester). Photos Gallery - Land Mammals

14th September 2020

  • Blackcap: single male bird in Torbreck garden (Gwen Richards)
  • Speckled Wood: single butterfly, Culkein Drumbeg Peat road (Adrian Stabler)
  • Sparrowhawk: single bird chasing Meadow Pipit, Badnaban (Adrian Stabler)

11th September 2020

  • Twite: 30 birds on crofts above Bay of Stoer (A.Stabler/P.Barron)
  • Sparrowhawk: single juvenile bird over Croft 83, Torbreck (Gwen Richards)
  • Red Admiral: four butterflies feeding on water mint and perennial wallflower, Torbreck garden (Gwen Richards)

9th September 2020

  • Starling: c50 birds around garden and on feeders, Raffin (Roy Champion)
  • Willow Warbler: single immature bird feeding in willow trees, Oldany dornie (DAH
  • Curlew: eight birds feeding in Oldany estuary (DAH)

8th September 2020

  • Wigeon: two birds, Loch Inver (DAH)

6th September 2020

  • Minke Whale: single animal off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH)
  • Bar-tailed Godwit: two juvenile birds, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Turnstone: single juvenile bird, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Dunlin: nine juvenile birds, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Sanderling: two juvenile birds, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Tower Shell (Turritella communis): single example on shore Mol Ban, Oldany island (Wendy Glover). Identification confirmed by I.M.Evans who notes 'apparently rare on Assynt shores'

5th September 2020

  • Pink-footed Goose: single skein of c100 birds over Culkein Drumbeg late afternoon (DAH)