It rains in Assynt

January 31st 2024

It rains in Assynt!

Okay that’s a very obvious statement given the amount of rain, and snow, we’ve had this year already.

However, there are lots of less obvious signs that it has been wet recently. A wander in Culag Woods on 5th January 2024 revealed two of these.

First up is the Birch Jelly fungus (Exidia repanda). When there is plenty of water around it swells and we get to enjoy the sight of these beautiful orangey coloured fruiting bodies. This fungus is around all year, but when things dry up it does the same. Then it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to see.

Second sign is the Tree Lungwort lichen (Lobaria pulmonaria). Again, it is present all year round, give it a soaking and it turns this superb bright green colour. Take away the moisture and it’s still very obvious, but it becomes a much less flamboyant dry olive-brown colour. That photograph was taken last year in March, and not in the Culag Woods.

It rains in Assynt, but wet or dry, enjoy it all.


David Haines

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