Spring is in the air (2)

March 30th 2024

Spring is in the air (2)

Last night on our way to and from the Club’s indoor meeting there were loads of live Common Frogs, Rana temporaria crossing the road. They were clearly on the move to traditional breeding sites.

Today, 16th February 2024 we spotted our first frog spawn of the year. It was four very fresh clumps in a roadside ditch/pond at Culkein Drumbeg. It would have been produced, no doubt, by some of the frogs we drove past last night.

Although it seems very early for spawn here are the first dates for the past 11 years: 2023 – 11 Feb; 2022 – 13 Feb; 2021 – 24 Feb; 2020 – 29 Feb; 2019 – 16 Feb; 2018 – 13 March; 2017 – 19 Feb; 2016 – 3 March; 2015 – 19 Feb; 2014 – 25 Feb; 2013 – 1 March.

Nearby were the headless remains of one frog which had been predated by an animal or possibly a bird. It was curious to see the head removed but often only a small part of frogs is consumed by predators.

David Haines

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