About Assynt Field Club

About Assynt Field Club

Assynt Field Club was founded in 1986 and currently has over 130 members.

Our Club is an unincorporated association, whose aims are to encourage the study and enjoyment of Assynt’s wildlife, landscape and geology.  We have a programme of talks and other events during the winter and field trips in the summer.

As you can read below our members continue to participate in a variety of surveys, many of which have resulted in reports or publications.

Membership of the Field Club is free and open to all, whether resident or visitor, and our funds are raised by donations at meetings and from the sale of publications.  All of our members are contacted in the spring and autumn with our programme of events.

Committee and contact

The Committee of the Club consists of three Officers elected annually,  Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and six other members.  Currently, these are:

Chairman: Andy Summers 01571 844654

Secretary: Gwen Richards 01571 844032

Treasurer: Eilidh Summers 07484 762392

Committee Members: Bill Badger, Vickii Campen, Ian Evans, Romany Garnett, David Haines, Charlie Leeson.

Membership of the Field Club is administered by our Membership Co-ordinator Romany Garnett. If you would like to become a member of Assynt Field Club please contact Romany at assyntwildlife@gmail.com or telephone 01571 855214 to be added to our electronic mailing list.

Wildlife records are co-ordinated by Ian Evans at assyntwildlife@gmail.com


Surveys undertaken and reports and publications produced by the Club include:

Amphibian Survey (1993)

Assynt Nature Calendar (1995, 1996)

Garden Bird Survey (1997-present) More information here Assynt Field Club Garden Bird Survey

Birds of Assynt (1998; 3rd edition 2004, price £2.80)

Assynt Cetacean Survey (1998, 1999)

Muirburn in Assynt Project (2004-06) More information here Muirburn in Assynt Project (2004-06)

Quinag Lochs Project (2010) More information here Quinag Lochs Project Final Report –

A Study of Aquatic Invertebrate Communities

Assynt Seashore Project (2015-16) More information here Assynt Seashore Project 2015-16

British Trust for Ornithology’s Non-Estuarine Waterbird Survey (2015-16) More information here Non-Estuarine Waterbird Survey (2015-16)

Atlantic Hazel Audit of Assynt and Coigach (2017-18) More information here Atlantic Hazel Audit of Assynt and Coigach (2017-18)

Little Assynt Wildlife Project (2018) More information here Little Assynt Wildlife Project (2018)

Assynt Wildlife Records Digitisation Project (2018-19) More information here Assynt Wildlife Records Digitisation Project (2018-19)

UK National Tree Seed Project (2018-20) More information here UK National Tree Seed Project (2018-20)

Quinag Wildlife Project (2020) More information here Quinag Wildlife Project (2020)

Sounds of Nature Project (2020) More information here Sounds of Nature Project (2020)

Assynt Wildlife Mapping Project (2020) More information here Assynt Wildlife Mapping Project (2020)

The Club is also affiliated to the Highland Biological Recording Group, and is represented on the Sutherland Partnership Biodiversity Group. We collect wildlife records only from Assynt and our members have contributed to a number of special projects.  These include the Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan (2003), the Sutherland Marine Audit: Pilot Study (2009) and a survey of freshwater habitats on the Little Assynt Estate.

Report a Sighting

Recent Sightings


Single bird hovering between road and waterfall, Clashnessie (Neil McCrimmon) (26/11)

Fieldfare and Redwing

A mixed flock of c30 fieldfare and c10 redwing in tall aspens, Nedd (Ian Evans). Mixed flock of 200+ birds over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) (23/11)


Single bird by River Inver, Brackloch (Carol Langford) (22/11)


Single hen bird in back garden, Nedd (Ian Evans).  Rarely seen in this part of Assynt (21/11)

Great Northern Diver

Single bird, Bay of Stoer (John Gilbertson) (21/11)

Redwing and Fieldfare

c80 birds in a mixed flock flying over the B869 by Rhicarn (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)


Single bird in tree overhanging river Inver, Little Assynt (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)


Single bird hovering by roadside, Inchnadamph (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)