Creative Writing

Creative Writing.

Welcome to our Creative Writing page.

This is our invitation to you to send us a paragraph, a page or a poem written by you that captures something of Assynt’s wildlife and/or landscape and/or geology that spoke to you or inspired you and made you want to put pen to paper. There is definitely no need for any ‘science’ to be involved.

You might already be a prolific writer or simply want to get out that one piece about Assynt that has been lurking in your head for ages.

All we ask is that the poetry or prose submitted to us is all your own work.

We would really like to hear from you and here’s the straightforward information on how to do so.


Jim Crumley

To launch this page, we commissioned Scottish nature writer Jim Crumley to provide us with our first piece of published prose.

His brief? Write as much as you want, provided it’s about the wildlife or landscape or geology of Assynt.

Jim, who was the closing speaker at the Field Club’s 30th Anniversary events during August 2016 was happy to oblige. This, even although he was heavily involved with the launch of his latest book ‘Seasons of Storm and Wonder’.

Here is Jim’s piece which carries the title A Sense of Rightness Regained’ (70kb pdf).

Poetry or Prose?

The links below will take you to the published pieces-

Creative Writing - Clickable link to published items of poetry Creative Writing - Clickable link to published items of prose


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Two adult birds, Loch an Aigeil, Clachtoll (DAH) (05/12)


Three 1st-winter birds still present on Loch an Aigeil (DAH) (02/12)

Little Grebe

Three birds, Loch Inver (DAH) (02/12)

Common Scoter

Three birds, Loch Inver (Stefan Taylor), still present the following day (DAH) (01/12)

Little Grebe

Two birds, Loch Inver (DAH) (30/11)

Mixed Gulls

69 Common Gulls, 13 Great Black-backed Gulls, 9 Herring Gulls, and a single Black-headed Gull, all resting on sand at Clashnessie Bay (DAH) (29/11)

Red-breasted Merganser

Two birds (a pair) Clashnessie Bay (DAH) (29/11)