5th April 2020

  • Pink-footed Goose: c70 birds heading north over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH)

4th April 2020

  • Redwing: four birds at Clachtoll (AS)
  • Red-breasted Merganser: two pairs, Badnaban Bay (Dave Bird)
  • Shelduck: three birds, Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Divers: three Great Northern and a single Red-throated Diver Loch Dhrombaig (DAH)

3rd April 2020

  • Curlew: 12 birds Clachtoll (AS)
  • Greenshank: two birds, Lochan an Tairbh, Torbreck (Gwen Richards)

2nd April 2020

  • Carrion Crow: single bird, Culkein Stoer (DAH). Photo Gallery - Birds
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull: single adult bird, Bay of Culkein (DAH). Another of our summer visitors has arrived. Photo Gallery - Birds
  • Eider: 12 birds, including two 1st-winter males, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Turnstone: eight birds, Bay of Culkein (DAH)
  • Guillemot: single bird in estuary of the Leireag River, Nedd (Ian M. Evans)

1st April 2020

  • Greenshank: four birds, Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Shelduck: pair of birds, Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Teal: seven birds (four male, three female), Oldany estuary (DAH)
  • Curlew: five birds, Oldany estuary (DAH)