Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

June 27th 2024

Single butterfly, Strathcraig, Strathan (Clarinda Chant)


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Single ringlet and two common blue butterflies, and single magpie moth, by river Traligill (John Wakefield) (15/07)

Common Dolphin

Three very active animals long way out from Clachtoll (DAH) (15/07)

Harbour Porpoise

Two animals off Clachtoll (DAH) (15/07)

Black-throated Diver

Nine adult plumage birds, Bay of Clachtoll (DAH). Photo Gallery - Birds (15/07)

House Sparrow

35+ birds at entrance to Clachtoll Beach Campsite (DAH) (15/07)

Wall Lettuce (Mycelis muralis)

30+ plants amongst boulders and rocks at roadside boundary of Assynt Leisure Centre, Lochinver (DAH). After the first record of this plant for Assynt in July 2023 it seems it may be more widespread than originally thought. (15/07)


Single juvenile being fed by meadow pipits, Wailing widow falls (Stefan Taylor). Photo Gallery - Birds (14/07)

RInged Plover

Single bird on beach, Stoer (CADL) (14/07)