Sightings – February 2011

March 2nd 2011

Sightings – February 2011

Single Tawny Owl near cattle grid at Drumbeg on 9th February (Derek Spenser)

31+ Common Seals at Culkein Drumbeg/Oldany 10th February (Andy Summers)

Single Barn Owl at Inchnadamph on 11th February (Derek Spenser)

Pair of  Shelduck at Culkein Drumbeg 13th February (DAH)

Single male Wigeon at Culkein Drumbeg 13th February (DAH)

Four Eider (3 males) at Rubh’an Dunain 14th February (DAH)

35 Barnacle Geese flying over Clasnessie 14th February (DAH)

180 Fulmar on Cliffs east of Stoer Point 14th February (DAH)

Seven Purple Sandpiper, Bay of Culkein 14th February (DAH)

17 Turnstone, Bay of Culkein Bay  14th February (DAH)

Pair of Black-throated Divers on small loch near Aeroplane Flats 15th February (Peter MacGregor).

Single Knot at Culkein Stoer 18th February (DAH)

Six Great Northern Diver from Bay of Culkein to west of Rubh’an Dunain 18th February (DAH)

First reported Palmate Newt at Loch Drumbeg 19th February (DAH)

21 Curlew at Clachtoll 21st February (Andy Summers)

First Frog spawn reported at Drumbeg 21st February (Teresa Weinburg)

Mass movement of Toads starting Loch an Ordain (Andy Summers)

Nine pairs of Mallard at Loch Neil Bhain, Stoer 22nd February (Andy Summers).

13 Red-breasted Merganser in Lochinver Bay 25th February (Andy Summers).

Pair of Black-throated Divers on breeding loch 28th February (Brian Scott).

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Recent Sightings


Single bird hovering between road and waterfall, Clashnessie (Neil McCrimmon) (26/11)

Fieldfare and Redwing

A mixed flock of c30 fieldfare and c10 redwing in tall aspens, Nedd (Ian Evans). Mixed flock of 200+ birds over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) (23/11)


Single bird by River Inver, Brackloch (Carol Langford) (22/11)


Single hen bird in back garden, Nedd (Ian Evans).  Rarely seen in this part of Assynt (21/11)

Great Northern Diver

Single bird, Bay of Stoer (John Gilbertson) (21/11)

Redwing and Fieldfare

c80 birds in a mixed flock flying over the B869 by Rhicarn (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)


Single bird in tree overhanging river Inver, Little Assynt (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)


Single bird hovering by roadside, Inchnadamph (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)