Sightings – April 2011

April 8th 2011

Sightings – April 2011

Four birds (two pair) of Wigeon on Loch Borralan 3rd April (Andy Summers)

60+ Common Gulls at Clachtoll 6th April (Andy Summers)

Pine Marten coming regularly down to food 6th April at Inverkirkaig (Les Pearce)

Single Great Skua (Bonxie) at Stoer Lighthouse 6th April (Doug Mainland)

Otter seen at Culkein Stoer 7th April (reported)

Flowering Lesser Celandine in Culag Woods, Lochinver 7th April (Andy Summers)

First Common Carder Bumblebee for 2011 at Clachtoll 9th April (Andy Summers)

Single Peacock Butterfly seen at Achmelvich 9th April (Ian Evans)

Single Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly seen at Clachtoll 10th April (Fiona Phipps)

Many Emperor Moths seen on the wing Badnaban 10th April (Andy Summers)

First Willow Warbler at Nedd 10th April (Ian Evans)

First Swallow in Lochinver 10th April (Andy Summers)

Six Eider Ducks (4 males) in Lochinver Bay 13th April (Andy Summers)

Single White-tailed Eagle flying over at Glencanisp Lodge 15th April (reported)

Six birds (three pair) of Lapwings on breeding sites in Clachtoll 14th April (Andy Summers) and 4 pairs at Loch an Claise 24th April (DAH)

First Cuckoo heard at Nedd 18th April (DAH)

Single Hoopoe seen at Achnacarnin 15th April (Lyn Parker) and later Strathcroy 16th April (Tony Williams)

Large skeins of many hundred Pink-footed Geese flying overhead 18th April (DAH)

12 (7 male) Eider Ducks in Lochinver bay and 5 (4 male) in Oldany estuary 18th April (DAH)

First Chiffchaff at Culkein Drumbeg  18th April, and on the Loch Poll track 20th April (DAH)

Three Shelduck at Oldany Estuary 19th April and 2 at Culkein Drumbeg 20th April  (DAH)

First Grasshopper Warbler, Culkein Drumbeg 19th April  (DAH)

Three Great Northern Divers at Clachtoll and 2 in Loch Dhrombaig on 19th April as well as 3 in Culkein Bay and one off Culkein Drumbeg 24th April (DAH)

Three Peacock Butterflies seen Nedd Bridge 21st April (DAH)

118 Twite and 21 Linnets ringed at Clachtoll 22nd April by Highland Ringing Group member Tony Mainwood

Adder reported from Fionn Loch 23rd April and walk to the Kirkaig Falls 24th and 26th April

Five Pied Wagtail seen Culkein Drumbeg including one bird colour ringed in Weymouth 23rd April (DAH)

Five Teal at Loch na Claise 24th April (DAH)

Single Black-headed Gull Balchalddich 24th April (DAH)

34 Common Seals at Oldany Estuary 25th April (DAH)

Single Harbour Porpoise seen from Stoer 24th April (DAH)

Dead Whooper Swan Loch Drumbeg 24th April (DAH)

Many Dog Violets flowering all over machair at Clachtoll 26th April

12 Bottlenose Dolphins seen in Achmelvich Bay 26th April (Anna Mackay)

Eight Lesser Black-backed Gulls Inverkirkaig bay 28th April (Andy Summers)

First Green-veined White Butterfly seen Clachtoll 30th April (Andy Summers)

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Recent Sightings


Single bird hovering between road and waterfall, Clashnessie (Neil McCrimmon) (26/11)

Fieldfare and Redwing

A mixed flock of c30 fieldfare and c10 redwing in tall aspens, Nedd (Ian Evans). Mixed flock of 200+ birds over Culkein Drumbeg (DAH) (23/11)


Single bird by River Inver, Brackloch (Carol Langford) (22/11)


Single hen bird in back garden, Nedd (Ian Evans).  Rarely seen in this part of Assynt (21/11)

Great Northern Diver

Single bird, Bay of Stoer (John Gilbertson) (21/11)

Redwing and Fieldfare

c80 birds in a mixed flock flying over the B869 by Rhicarn (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)


Single bird in tree overhanging river Inver, Little Assynt (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)


Single bird hovering by roadside, Inchnadamph (Richard Chappell and Ennis Jones) (20/11)