Fire at Inverpollaidh, Eisg Brachaidh and Drumrunie

June 5th 2011

Fire at Inverpollaidh, Eisg Brachaidh and Drumrunie

On Sunday 1st May 2011 one of the biggest fires ever to have occurred on the North West coast of Scotland in recent times started on the shore of Loch Veyatie.

It is estimated to have burnt an area of hillside covering about 3100Ha. The area of land includes 26% of the Inverpolly Special Area of Conservation. A huge area of important habitats including blanket bog, wet heath, fen and woodland were destroyed on Inverpolly, Eisg-brachaidh and Drumrunie estates. The fire burned for three days before finally being put out by water-bombing from a helicopter. It destroyed important Wood Ant (Formica sp.) nests, areas of woodland regeneration, and will have had a devastating affect on the local wildlife.

It is not known how this fire it started but it is suggested it was accidentally started by canoeists on the shore of Loch Veyatie when a camp fire got out of control.

The following is an article about the fire that appeared in the local paper “Bratach”.

The Great Fire of Inverpolly 2011

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