Ring-billed Gull at Achmelvich

June 10th 2011

A first summer ring-billed gull Larus delawarensisturned up at Achmelvich on the 6th June and seesm content to be hanging around with the other common gulls on the machair. First seen by Simon Cohen, this photograph is by David Haines.

Ring-billed Gull at Achmelvich
Ring-billed Gull at Achmelvich
Althought it has been seen here before a few years ago this is the third North American gull in four weeks – must have been some bad weather over there.

Also on the 8th June local birdwatchers got excited and thought we had another rare gull but it turns out to be a pure albine Kittiwake, which seems to be very uncommon. Seen and photographed by David Haines.

Albino Kittiwake at Culkein Stoer
Albino Kittiwake at Culkein Stoer
There are many records of albino Herring gulls and other gulls but no one is coming up with Kittiwake – from Fife’s BTO regional organiser to the Curator of Birds at the National Museums of Scotland.



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