Sightings – February 2013

February 5th 2013

Sightings – February 2013


Lapwing – 7 on the crofts at Clachtoll 28th February (Andy Summers).

White-tailed Sea Eagle – with no tags over Torbreck 26th February (Andy Summers).

Whooper Swan – 5 adults Loch Ailsh, 26th February, (Andy Summers).

Lapwing – 6 Balchladich, 26th February (Claire Belshaw)

Barn Owl – 1 near Achnacarnin, 25th February (Claire Belshaw)

Black-throated Diver – The first birds are back on Loch Assynt 24th February (Helen Morrison).

Lapwing – 8 beside Loch Borralan, 24th February, (Andy Summers).

Ptarmigan – 2 pairs on Quinag, 24th February, (Beccy).

Goosander – single Male on River Inver, 23rd February, (Andy Summers).

Possible Great Grey Shrike – Stoer peat road, 22nd February (Robert Kinaird).

Goosander – 2 females on Loch Awe, 20th February, (Andy Summers).

Barn Owl – Elphin 20th February, (Bill Badger).

Treecreeper – Inverkirkaig, 20th February (Howard Grey).

Lapwing – 11 flying over Stoer, 19th February (Joanne Murray) The first ‘spring’ returners?

Lesser Redpoll – 20+ feeding on the ground, Ardroe, 17th February (Claire Belshaw)

Twite – 53 at Clachtoll, 17th February.

Moorhen – single back at Loch an Aigel, Clachtoll 17th February (Andy Summers)

Little Grebe – single at Loch Fasg an Seana Chlaidh near Achmelvich 5th February (Romany Garnet)

Curlew – 15 on Stoer Green, 7th February.

Little Grebe – Single back at Loch an Aigel, Clachtoll, 7th February.

White-tailed Sea Eagle – with red wing tags at Inverkirkaig, 6th February (David & Gita).

28 Barnacle Geese, 8 Greylag Geese – at Culkein Stoer, 6th February.

Pied Wagtail – Single at Clachtoll, 3rd February (Andy Summers).

Rock Pigeons – 35 at Clachtoll, 3rd February (Andy Summers).

Twite – 72 at Clachtoll, 3rd February (Andy Summers).

Fieldfare – 12 at Ledbeg, 1st February (Andy Summers).



Lizard –  Domestic cat brings in dead lizard (first for spring), Achmelvich 24th February (Romany Garnet)

Skate (Dipturus batis) – 1 long dead on shore near Raffin, 20th February (S Collie/W Glover and later identified by Howard Grey). The common skate Dipturus batis is the largest skate in the world and was once one of the most abundant skates in the north-eastern Atlantic. Over-fished, it is now absent from much of its former range and classified as Critically Endangered worldwide. Some still occur in the waters off north-west Scotland and this specimen measured 1.67 metres in length. Photo Gallery – Marine.

Fox – Adult male at Drumrunie, 19th February (Andy Summers)

Common Toad – First sign of toads crossing the roads at Loch an Ordain 16th February (Andy Summers)

Otter – Lochinver Bay, 6th February (Andy Summers)

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly – 1 in house, Nedd 5th February (Ian Evans)

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Recent Sightings

Manx Shearwater

27 birds off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH) (16/06)

Harbour Porpoise

Mother and calf off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH) (15/06)

Small Magpie moth (Anania hortulata)

Single moth in garden, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). This is only the second ever record of this micro-moth in the West Sutherland recording area, VC108. The first record was on 1st June this year in the garden of the County Moth Recorder in Melvich on the north coast. However, this does make it the first ever record for Assynt. Photo Gallery - Moths. (14/06)

Golden Plover

Eight birds over Clachtoll (DAH) (13/06)


Single bird flying over garden, Ardvar (Beccy Garvey) (12/06)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Single butterfly, Nedd (Stefan Taylor) (12/06)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Single butterfly recently emerged at Glen Leraig (AS) (11/06)

Barn Owl

Single bird hunting over croft land, near Stoer primary school (Jane Livingstone) (11/06)