Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi, Nedd

March 29th 2015

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Recent Sightings

Arctic Skua

Single dark morph bird off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH) (28/05)

Small heath butterfly

Single butterfly on bird's-foot trefoil in croft at Clachtoll (AS) (27/05)

Rose-coloured Starling

Single immature bird, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). A rare record for Assynt. The previous three records were: August 2020 at Culkein Stoer, June 2021 at Clachtoll, and August 2021 at Culkein Stoer. Photo Gallery - Birds (27/05)

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Single newly emerged dragonfly 'drying' on cut tree stump near Nedd bridge (CAL/DAH). Photo Gallery - Dragonflies (25/05)

Orange-tip butterfly

Single male butterfly, Glenleraig hatchery track (DAH) (25/05)

Common Heath moth (Ematurga atomaria)

Single male moth with large feathery antennae, on heather, near Cathair Dhubh (DAH/Ennis Jones). Photo Gallery - Moths (24/05)

Meadowsweet Rust Fungus (Triphragmium ulmariae)

Two leaves of one Meadowsweet plant affected by this rust fungus which causes a bright orange gall on the underside of the leaves, near Cathair Dhubh (Ennis Jones/DAH). This is only the fifth record of this gall in Assynt. Photo Gallery - Fungi and Moulds (24/05)

Common Sandpiper

Single bird, burn by Loch na Creige Leithe (Ian Evans) (24/05)