Sightings – March 2015

March 1st 2015


Rock Pipit – 12 at Inverkirkaig bay, 31st March (Andy Summers)

Iceland Gull – 2 in Lochinver bay (adult and first winter), 31st March (Andy Summers)

Iceland Gull – Single at Stoer beach, 31st March (Clare Warwick)

Hen Harrier – female north-east of A837 near Skiag bridge, 30th March 2015 (Don O’Driscoll)

Mistle Thrush – nest with two eggs near Inchnadamph, 30th March 2015

Brambling – 1st winter male on peanut feeder Nedd, 28th and 29th March (Ian Evans)

Kestrel – female near Clashnessie, 29th March (DAH)

Eider – 12 off Bay of Culkein, 29th March (DAH)

Merlin – male near Clashnessie, 28th March (DAH)

Black-throated Diver – 2 Clashnessie Bay, 28th March (DAH)

Little Grebe – 2 on traditional breeding loch near Stoer, 28th March (DAH)

Goldfinch – 6 using peanut feeders Culkein Drumbeg, 28th March (DAH)

Redwing – singles Culkein Drumbeg and Lochinver, 28th March (DAH)

Linnet – five at Clachtoll, first appearance this spring, 27th March (Andy Summers)

Wheatear – single at Port Alltan na Bradhan, 26th March (A. Iveson and C. McGaw)

Black-headed Gull – ten in Lochinver bay, 26th March (Andy Summers)

Iceland Gull – three in Lochinver bay, 26th March (Andy Summers)

Eider Duck – pair in Lochinver bay – first appearance this spring, 26th March (Andy Summers)

Great Spotted Woodpecker – male drumming at Glencanisp lodge, 26th March (Andy Summers)

Great Spotted Woodpecker – male Culkein Drumbeg, 26th March (Jim and Corinne France)

Reed Bunting – 10 in and around garden, Culkein Drumbeg, 25th (Jim and Corinne France)

Whooper Swan – 35+ flying high over Inverkirkaig, 25th March (Howard Grey)

Teal – 5 Loch an Ordain near Lochinver, 24th March (Andy Summers)

Skylark – 47 Clachtoll beach, 24th March (Andy Summers)

Grey Heron – Culag woods, fresh egg shell below nests prove hatching, 24th March (Andy Summers)

Wheatear – single male near Clashnessie, 24th March (DAH)

Twite – 40+ Clachtoll, 24th March (DAH)

Skylark – 35+ Clachtoll, 24th March (DAH)

Redshank – 3 Bay of Clachtoll, 24th March (DAH)

Great Northern Diver – 4 Loch Dhrombaig, 24th March (DAH)

Wheatear – single Stoer, 23rd March (Howard Grey)

Goldeneye – 3 (1 male 2 female) Loch Ruighean an Aitinn, Drumbeg, 23rd March (DAH)

Black-throated Diver – adult pair Loch Drumbeg, 23rd March (DAH)

Pied Wagtail – 21 adults at Clachtoll feeding on the machair, 22nd March (Andy Summers)

Teal – 2 pairs Lochan an Tairbh, Torbreck, 21st March (Gwen Richards)

Little Grebe – pair on unnamed loch to west of Lochan an Tairbh, Torbreck, 21st March (Gwen Richards)

Kestrel – pair Culkein Drumbeg, 21st March (DAH)

Pied Wagtail – 5+ including one female Bay of Culkein, 21st March (DAH)

Iceland Gull – 2 immature birds Bay of Culkein, 21st March (DAH)

Stonechat – pair towards waterfall Clashnessie, 21st March (DAH)

Goldfinch -3 Clashnessie, 21st March (DAH)

Lesser Redpoll – single bird Clashnessie, 21st March (DAH)

Whooper Swan – 14 including three immature at Loch Borralan, 19th March (Andy Summers)

Goldfinch – 3 on peanut feeder Culkein Drumbeg, 19th March (DAH)

Barn Owl – hunting at c23:00 near Achnacarnin, 18th March (DAH)

Whooper Swan – 3 (1 adult, 2 immature) Loch an Aigeil, 18th and 24th March (DAH)

Iceland Gull – 1st-winter bird Loch an Aigeil, 18th March (DAH)

Red-throated Diver – 2 adults displaying Bay of Clachtoll, 18th March (DAH)

Wigeon– pair at Loch Awe, 18th March (Andy Summers)

Long-tailed Duck – 2 off Balchladich Bay, 17th March (DAH)

Lapwing – 11 back on breeding site Clashmore, 17th March (DAH)

Tufted Duck – 6 (3 pair) Loch na Claise. 17th March (DAH)

Reed Bunting – male in garden Culkein Drumbeg, 17th March (DAH)

Kestrel – female Culkein Drumbeg, 17th March (DAH)

Buzzard – 6 over Baddidarach, 16th March (Mark and Jan Snowdon)

Iceland Gull – Two adults in Lochinver bay since 13th March, 16th March (AS)

Barn Owl – Has been roosting in barn at Balchladich for several days , 16th March (Claire Belshaw)

Redshank – Adult back on breeding site at Clachtoll, 16th March (AS)

Lapwing – 7+ adults back on breeding site at Clachtoll, 16th March (AS)

Snipe – 2 on Clachtoll crofts,  16th March (AS)

Eider – 4 (3 male 1 female) Culkein Drumbeg harbour area, 16th March (DAH). The single female did not look too interested in the three displaying males!

White-tailed Eagle – immature bird on the eastern side of Assynt, 15th March (Dave McBain) Photo Gallery-Birds.

Barn Owl – near Loch Borralan, 15th March (Dave McBain). Photo Gallery-Birds.

Red-throated Diver – single Bay of Culkein, 15th March (DAH)

Skylark – 16 at Clachtoll, 15th March (AS)

Lapwing – 17 Culkein Stoer, 15th March (DAH). At one point these birds together with the Golden Plover below all took to the air calling and circling for several minutes, a fantastic sight and sound.

Golden Plover – 25 Culkein Stoer, 15th March (DAH)

Kestrel – female hunting near Raffin, 15th March (DAH)

Red-throated Diver – single flying overhead at Cathair Dubh, 14th March (Roger Glover)

Golden Eagle – near Strathcroy, 14th March (Fin and Jenny Valentine)

Peregrine – male near Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Skylark – 36 past Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Iceland Gull – single immature over Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Gannet – 4+ off Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Purple Sandpiper – 15 on rocks below Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Puffin – single on water off Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Ptarmigan – 2 with one still pure white Quinag, 13th March (Jenny and Fin Valentine)

Long-tailed Duck – 2 off Bay of Culkein, 13th March (DAH)

Great Northern Diver – 11 from Bay of Culkein to Point of Stoer, 13th March (DAH)

Woodcock – 7 between Culkein Drumbeg and Clashnessie, 11th March (Ian Evans)

Skylark – 6 Clachtoll and 30 Culkein Stoer, 11th March (DAH)

Golden Plover – 12 Clachtoll, 11th March (DAH)

Curlew – 18 Stoer green, 11th March (DAH)

Bar-tailed Godwit – single in with Oystercatchers Culkein Drumbeg harbour area, 10th March (DAH)

Skylark – 2 Culkein Drumbeg, 10th March (DAH)

Iceland Gull – single 1st-winter bird Loch Dhrombaig, 10th March (DAH)

Whooper Swan – 18 Loch na Claise, 9th March (Claire Belshaw)

Lapwing – single male Oldany Farm, 9th March (DAH)

Pied Wagtail – 2 males Oldany Farm, 9th March (DAH)

Curlew – 10 Balchladich, 9th March (DAH)

Lapwing – 14 Culkein Stoer, 8th March (DAH)

Skylark – 9 Culkein Stoer, 8th March (DAH)

Pied Wagtail – 2 males Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Great Northern Diver – 5 Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Black Guillemot – 5 Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Iceland Gull – single 1st-winter Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Oystercatcher – 45 Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Redshank – 5 Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Ringed Plover – 37 Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Turnstone – 43 Bay of Culkein, 8th March (DAH)

Peregrine – killed Rock Dove in Clashnessie garden, 7th March (Roger and Eva Kershaw). This bird was disturbed and flew off without its meal however, it returned the next day to consume some of the dove so as to reduce its weight before flying off with the remainder of the carcass.

Lapwing – 2 near cattle feeder Ledmore junction, 5th March (DAH)

Whooper Swan – 5 (2 adult 3 immature) Loch Awe, 5th March (DAH)

Goldeneye – 3 (2 male 1 female) Loch Ruighean ‘an Aitinn, Drumbeg, 5th March (DAH)

Redwing – 16 at Clachtoll, 5th March (AS)

Blackbird – 5 and 2 Song Thrush Culag park, Lochinver, 4th March (DAH)

Rock Pipit – 26 at Inverkirkaig beach, 4th March (AS)

Goosander – single male at Loch Crocach, 4th March (AS)

Stonechat – single male Oldany, 2nd March (DAH)

Meadow Pipit – 7 Oldany, 2nd March (DAH)

Mistle Thrush – 4 Oldany, 2nd March (DAH)

Goldeneye – 6 (1 male 5 female) loch na h-Innse Fraoich, Little Assynt, 2nd March (DAH)

Curlew – 18 Stoer green, 2nd March (DAH)

Golden Eagle – immature bird captured on Highland Council’s camera trap in Glencanisp by John Cullen the Assynt Foundation stalker. Photo Gallery-Birds.



Otter – seen in garden pond Lochinver, 31st March (Dave and Lynn Cook)

Harbour Porpoise – single off Stoerhead Lighthouse, 29th March (DAH)

Otter – seen on two days near Bay of Stoer, 27th march (A. Iveson and C. McGaw)

Otter – seen at Badnaban, 26th march (Andy Summers). There were lots of otter spraints full of toad bones and the remains of at least 30 toad skins and discarded poison sacs.

Slow worms  – 2 females and male -first adults of the year seen under a piece of tin at Lochinver, 23rd March, (Andy Summers)

Pine marten – crossed road at Rhicarn, 16th March (Gordon and Leslie Sleight)

Honey bees – flying at Stoer, 15th March (Claire Belshaw)

Bumblebee – single (unidentified) in garden Strathan, 15th March (Clarinda Chant)

Common Seal – 26 Oldany estuary area, 16th March (DAH)

Bottlenose Dolphin – 3 off Stoerhead Lighthouse, 15th March (DAH)

Harbour Porpoise – 7 off Stoerhead Lighthouse, 15th March (DAH)

Harbour Porpoise – 3 off Stoerhead Lighthouse, 14th March (DAH)

Badger – footprints recorded in snow in Nedd garden, 4th March (Ian Evans). Photo Gallery-Land Mammals.

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Recent Sightings

Manx Shearwater

27 birds off Bay of Clachtoll (DAH) (16/06)

Harbour Porpoise

Mother and calf off Stoer Head Lighthouse (DAH) (15/06)

Small Magpie moth (Anania hortulata)

Single moth in garden, Culkein Drumbeg (DAH). This is only the second ever record of this micro-moth in the West Sutherland recording area, VC108. The first record was on 1st June this year in the garden of the County Moth Recorder in Melvich on the north coast. However, this does make it the first ever record for Assynt. Photo Gallery - Moths. (14/06)

Golden Plover

Eight birds over Clachtoll (DAH) (13/06)


Single bird flying over garden, Ardvar (Beccy Garvey) (12/06)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Single butterfly, Nedd (Stefan Taylor) (12/06)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Single butterfly recently emerged at Glen Leraig (AS) (11/06)

Barn Owl

Single bird hunting over croft land, near Stoer primary school (Jane Livingstone) (11/06)