SOUNDS OF NATURE – Birds of the Culag Woods

November 11th 2020

Sounds of Nature Project

This Project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Scottish Natural Heritage

SOUNDS OF NATURE – Birds of the Culag Woods

The Field Club’s Sounds of Nature Project was inspired by a chance encounter in May 2019 between two Assynt Field Club members and Clive Davis who was holidaying in Assynt. Clive, who is a member of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society, was making sound recordings of birds, etc. in the area.

The mental health benefits of listening to bird song and other sounds of nature have been well reported.  Our website is by necessity very visual, both with regards to images and words. The main aim of our project therefore is to make the site, and hence Assynt’s wildlife, more accessible and meaningful for those with a visual impairment.

More information about the project along with links to other recordings can be found on the website’s Sounds of Nature Project page.

SOUNDS OF NATURE – Birds of the Culag Woods (David Haines, November 2020)

This recording has captured a bit of the avian soundscape within the Culag Woods at Lochinver. It was made on a sunny, calm day early this month, and as usual, the background sound is provided by the sea!

There are at least seven species of bird calling and we were very lucky to record a Great Spotted Woodpecker as it gave its short, sharp ‘kick’ call close-by. Just before the woodpecker starts calling, and interspersed through its calls you can hear a Bullfinch’s softer, whistle like ‘phew’ call.

Other species include Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Goldcrest, Goldfinch and Robin.

Enjoy a short journey through Assynt’s Culag Woods.

All photographs by D. Haines

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