Recording of Scottish Badgers Talk

November 29th 2021

Recording of Scottish Badgers Talk

On 18 November 2021 we were delighted to have Eddie Palmer, Chair of Scottish Badgers deliver an in-person talk at Lochinver Village Hall. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this was our first winter programme event where the speaker had been with us in 18 months.

We even managed to negotiate our way through the Zoom system allowing us to share Eddie’s presentation live to a virtual audience!

This post is simply to make the Zoom recording available to anyone at anytime.

A small introduction will help make sense of the first few minutes-

Andy Summers, Assynt Field Club’s Chairman is briefly seen introducing Dr. Ellie Stirling, Secretary of Scottish Badgers.

Ellie talks about the items that are available to purchase on the night with all proceeds going to Scottish Badgers. She also introduces ‘Elphin’, a young female badger, – all is explained.

Lastly Eddie begins his presentation.  Badgers in Scotland: Their Place in the Biodiversity of the Country and Current Threats.    You will need this passcode in full to view the recording X^1G23v?

We hope you enjoy this recording of Scottish Badgers talk. We plan to offer more recordings of our winter talks if possible.

For loads more badger-y things and gifts, and to learn more about the vital work of Scottish Badgers just head to their website

About Scottish Badgers

Scottish Badgers is an independent Scottish charity. It was founded in 1999, with encouragement from the Scottish Government, who perceived a need for a non-statutory body to work in this field. Scottish Badgers cooperates closely with the Badger Trust, whose activities cover all the other areas of the British Isles. It should be noted that only Scottish Badgers operates in Scotland.


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