Herons and Sunsets

April 5th 2023

Herons and Sunsets

The community managed Culag Woods in Lochinver is a fabulous resource used by Assynt residents and visitors year-round.

It is also an outdoor education space for the pupils at Lochinver Primary School where they can be encouraged to learn, and hopefully care about the local area’s and the wider natural environment.

At this time of year, the Grey Herons, Ardea cinerea are nest building on the northern edge of the woods in some spruce trees. They have nested here for decades. A great way to spend a little time is to simply watch them carrying in nesting material.

Being only one or two wing beats from the edge of Loch Inver means the birds also have access to an open all-day takeaway restaurant.

Over the 25th to 27th of February 2023 in Assynt we had sunshine and clear evening skies. The result was some beautiful calm sunsets. They probably don’t mean much to the herons still looking for a last meal of the day. However, the sunsets combined with fishing herons did present some great photo opportunities, and we weren’t going to miss out!

David Haines

(words and photos)

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