Recording – Pines fungi and adelgids

November 19th 2023

Recording – Pines fungi and adelgids

The guest speaker for our indoor meeting on Thursday 16th November 2023 was Dr Sarah Green, a Forest Pathologist with Forest Research based near Edinburgh. Sarah’s presentation carried the title ‘A New Outbreak of a Previously Rare Fungal/Insect Association on Scots Pine: what it is, why is it happening and what does it mean for our pines?’

This article added earlier in November to our website will help with the history leading up to Sarah’s presentation.   

This post is to make the Zoom recording of Sarah’s talk available to anyone at anytime.

Due to the file size we have had to upload ‘recording – pines fungi and adelgids’ in two parts with a very small overlap.

Here are links to the presentation which do not require you to leave our website. Enjoy.

Recording (Part 1)-Pine trees, fungi adelgids

Recording (Part 2)-Pine trees, fungi adelgids


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