Recording – Owls of the Scottish Highlands

April 20th 2024

Recording – Owls of the Scottish Highlands

The guest speaker for our indoor meeting on Thursday 18th April 2024 was Andy Summers, Senior Countryside Ranger with High Life Highland and of course the Field Club’s past Chair. The subject of Andy’s presentation was one of his favourite topics: Owls. Andy’s knowledge and enthusiasm for these mysterious birds is evident throughout his delivery. The title of the presentation was-

‘The Mysterious Owls of the Scottish Highlands’

This post is to make the Zoom recording of Andy’s talk available to anyone at anytime.

Due to technical gremlins on the night we sadly don’t have the speaker’s thumbnail screen recorded.

Here is the link to the presentation which does not require you to leave our website. Enjoy

Recording – The Mysterious Owls of the Scottish Highlands


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